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Expert Massage, Osteopathy, Acupuncture & Classes to Remedy Pain and Tension; firm and accurate.

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Styles tailored to suit your needs to balance the mind, body and soul; inclusive of Aromatherapy.

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Soothing, stress and tension relieving; excellent value.

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Pampering perfection; inclusive of warm Aromatherapy oils & Organic Facials.

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Our naturally effective range of Aroma blends & organic skin care to take home. Tailored Gift Vouchers for those you love. Learn Massage from the best with our Massage Training Classes

We are qualified Massage Therapists, offering Holistic Treatments for the purpose of Relaxation and Healing.



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I have visited a number of times and have been seen by four different therapists with a variety of styles. Treatments have always been very relaxing and each therapist has been very skilled. I have also received feedback from therapists detailing what they have done and advising of any tight muscles they have identified which is useful to inform future treatments. I will definitely visit again and recommend to my friends & family!


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You Massage Southampton

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A large team of Therapists, each wonderfully unqiue and exceptionally talented, all qualified in in Holistic and Remedial Massage, all passionate and dedicated to providing you with the most effective and highest quality Massage treatments. A Southampton Massage can not be better.

We are a realistic and enthusiastic bunch of Massage Therapists and Osteopaths and happy family, set up on Bedford Place at our beautifully refurbished multi roomed massage studio. We pride ourselves at offering top of the range, individually tailored massage treatments; indulgent yet remedial, every time.

We are open 7 days a week, including evenings and weekends, for your convenience. Our lovely Deputy Manager, Charley, is waiting to help you!


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Our Mission statement

  • To deliver the highest quality in all forms of Massage therapy at a great location and price
  • To provide the widest diversity of Therapists available and to work closely with other local professionals to assure the client always gets the therapy they need
  • To be a responsible and respected employer, offering development opportunities to all staff
  • To regularly obtain feedback from clients to assure that our standards are maintained and adapted as needs be

Aromatherapy Massage SouthamptonThe YOU Southampton Massage Studio is at 81 Bedford Place, look out for our green sign and green window in the white building, just opposite Sainsbury’s about half way down Bedford Place, underneath what used to be ‘Room for Food’ café. The studio is lower ground floor so you need to come down a few steps to get to our door, pop down any time even if you just have a few questions. If you think you will have trouble with the steps, home visits are available under special circumstances.

We assure that our treatments are the most reasonably priced around and we offer discounts wherever we can so you can afford to come and see us regularly! It's our refreshing approach to Massage Therapy which has given us the opportunity to expand consistantly...we have come a long long way since starting in May 2010...

Our three roomed Southampton Massage Studio is beautifully decorated throughout in calm and earthy colours, and well stocked with natural products and top of the range equipment.

We have a broad range of music to everybody's taste, we freshly blend essential oils and organic facial products for you on site.

Our walls are adorned with hand painted creations by Nina Fraser and Emily Claire, they really must be seen to be appreciated. Click the links to read more about our talented local artists.

History of YOU Massage Southampton

Founding Holistic Therapist Amy Bennett has been practicing Holistic Massage in Southampton for the benefit of relaxation and healing since 2004; she says:

"When I started as 'Holistic Massage for you' in May 2010, I had a vision; to be able to offer an individual Holistic Massage service to people who just can’t find what they’re looking for at salons or clinics. I wanted to bridge the gap between relaxing (de-stressing) massage and remedial (healing) massage, whereby you can truly treat the person as a whole and they can enjoy the pampering side of massage therapy as well as benefiting from expert muscle treatment and lifestyle guidance to get the most benefit from their precious ‘me-time’. This is, in my experience, the most effective way to treat ailments: when you feel relaxed, comfortable and have confidence in the therapist, the muscle work is a LOT more effective and results last much much longer too! We combine therapies too, such as Swedish followed by Deep Tissue, then complemented by Lymph Drainage to speed up healing and detox the muscles, complimente by Aromatherapy! Plus, it helps that we keep our prices down so that our clients don't have to see a massage as a luxury, more so, something that can be done regularly so you really are feeling your best all of the time!"

Amy started off on her own working in the back of what was a Pilates centre, the concept and business has grown from success to success, and the business expanded to the stage where it now holds the lease on the whole Studio of 81 Bedford Place, (Marie Claire and her Pilates Studio have moved up to Padwell Road, Inner Avenue) and then underwent a complete refurbishment to build in two further treatment rooms as well as a comfortable waiting area for clients. Amy hired two part time therapists to work with her in June, then a part time Receptionist and with a lot of learning, moulding and shaping, here we are today; a team of 9 diverse therapists, each with their own exceptional abilities, experiences and range of therapies on offer, plus friendly and helpful reception staff available 10am - 7.30pm each day to answer your queries! Amy continues:

"We are realists! We get to know you and your needs. We believe in science and results and we are knowledgeable about how the body works, reacts and heals and how this is connected to your behaviour, posture and way of thinking...We can explain things to you in ways other therapists may skip over. We believe in energies in the body, of electrical and circulatory impulses throughout our blood, lymphatic and nervous system; the mind and the body are connected, we can balance out both so that you feel perfectly harmonious and comfortable by offering physical therapies tailored perfectly uniquely for YOU"


The YOU Massage Studio in Southampton, Hampshire not only offers an accessible, central location, a warm, comfortable atmosphere and a sunny environment with a beautiful range of artwork sourced by local talent hanging on the walls, a huge library of music for you to drift off to, but exceptional quality and value, each experience completely tailored to you, so you will always feel you have got what you desired.

Affordable Southampton Massage

Rewards card discounts are available to all our customers: such as £4 off per hour and free 15 minutes of massage every 6 treatments!

YOU Massage Therapy are always looking for local businesses and other therapists to partner up with, sharing discounts and services. Click the link if you'd like to register for a business intro discount. Being located in Bedford Place, such a intergrated part of the great city of Southampton that we live in, the Southampton Massage Studio is the ideal location with easy parking and access for all.

Everybody deserves to take a little time out for themselves to clear their mind, heal their body and soothe their spirit; Massage Therapy, applied with varying techniques from the skilled YOU Massage Therapists, can send some to sleep as well as encouraging the flow of energy and nourishment to tired areas, it can be stimulating and revitalising and release even the oldest of muscle knots (adhesions). It can encourage you to drift to that place in your mind where everything is safe and makes sense; worries are lost and the body will heal.

Appointments are available seven days a week, morning, afternoon and evening, click here to view opening times, gift vouchers can be purchased via the website, or over the phone or by email. Monthly massage special offers are available to everyone via our newsletter and also for walk in clients, as well as discounts to the ever expanding partner businesses and organisations; if you or your organisation would be interested in setting up an employee discount, click here to send your details and you'll receive some information and a concession on your first treatment over 60 minutes, it's that simple!

Did you know...you can Park your car for Free for 2 Hours in the roads behind Bedford Place? Plenty of time for any of Massage Treatment and even a cuppa afterwards in most cases! See Free Parking for a detailed map of these areas.

Please feel free to browse the YOU Massage Therapy, Southampton Massage website, or call or email, pop down any time or please pass over details to anybody who you think could benefit from the services.

Amy adds:

"We very much look forward to seeing you in the future! We are very excited about all that we can achieve with the power of healing, both physically and mentally, throughout Southampton and beyond!"


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