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I was so impressed with the space in the massage table for my face when lying on my front. It's the most comfortable I have ever found! Also there is such a good range of treatments available at very reasonable prices.



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Acupuncture in Southampton, Hampshire

Acupuncture Southampton

Aromatherapy Massage Southampton

Acupuncture has been used to provide safe and effective treatment for pain and ailments for over 2000 years! YOU Massage Therapy are very proud to now be able to offer traditional Eastern Acupuncture from our Southampton studio!

Traditional Acupuncture follows the principles of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to stimulate healing and balance within the body. We also offer Cosmetic Acupuncture for the treatment of wrinkles in the face and neck as well as cellulite in the body.

Carefully placed needles cause little discomfort and bring about a sense of relaxation and wellbeing during and after an Acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture has been shown to be effective at treating a wide range of problems (see below) and is frequently recommended by doctors and body-workers alike. Book Now!

Please note, a consultation is required on your first visit for any treatment; necessary to get a good understanding of you & tailor the treatment around your needs. Please allow an extra 45 minutes during your first visit. Claim your FREE Consultation and SAVE £10.00 Click for More Info..

Advanced Healthcare
45 minutes
 First Visit Price:
(includes consultation)
 Treatment Price:
 With Concession *: (consultation £8 extra *)
 Course of 4 Sessions :
(includes free consultation)
(Save £26!)

* See you you qualify for a Concession click here!

Cosmetic Acupuncture Treatments: Facial, Neck rejuvenation, Cellulite reduction - £125 per session or £808 for a course of 8 - recommended

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Your best choice for Acupuncture in Southampton

The YOU Massage Therapy Massage studio is centrally located in Bedford Place and is a relaxing and professional environment for your Southampton Acupuncture Therapy. A Traditional Acupuncture treatment is applied holistically to determine the individual cause of your problems or pain. A full consultation is required during your first visit.

Are you as well as you can be? Learn more on how acupuncture balances our health by following the link for our Southampton Acupuncture page.

Sharon is fully trained in all aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine and, additionally, she has qualifications in Cosmetic Acupuncture and is a member of both the British Acupuncture Council and Cosmetic Acupuncture UK, so you are assured at all times of a safe and ethical treatment.

Acupuncture can be particularly benefiial if you are trying to conceive (male and female) as well as a range of female specific issues regarding periods, or during pregnancy, labour and menopause. Read more on How Acupuncture can help women.


What to expect

Acupuncture is applied to Acupoints ('tsubos') in the same way as Acupressure but with hair fine needles - along meridian pathways which link to essential bodily functions such as circulation, waste disposal and pain response. It is believed that the body's vital energy flows down these pathways and when it does not flow properly illness and pain occur. Please wear loose clothing to your treatment and eat lightly prior to your visit.

Sharon applies the very fine needles (7 of them could fit in a hyperdermic needle!) in the areas that research has supported treat the range of conditions above. Using her expanse of knowledge she will continue to treat you based on your needs and response; leaving needles in for a period of time or removing them immediately depending on your needs. The most common points for common ailments are in the arms and legs, some are in the back, face, neck and abdomen.

The treatment lasts for up to 45 minutes. Please allow 1.5 hours for your first visit to include a full consultation.

Click the link to read more about the Acupuncture we offer at our Southampton studio.

Traditional Acupuncture

The Traditional Acupuncture we offer at our Southampton studio is both professional and enjoyable. Most clients find it relieves their pain or discomfort in a soothing and gentle manner. It has many benefits and is currently the recommended treatment option from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) for back pain! Working in an environment of Massage Therapists and Osteopaths you can be assured you wil get the most suitable treatment for your needs at YOU Massage.

Sharon applies Traditional Acupuncture using a variety of techniques including Auricular Acupuncture, Five Element Acupuncture and the use of Moxa, Cupping, Tui Na Massage, Traditional Massage and more as required for your unique needs.

Traditional Acupuncture can Treat:

We've complied detail to common complaints our Southampton Acupuncture can treat

Allergies, including hay fever

Depression, stress and anxiety inc PTSD

Digestive disorders, such as acid reflux and IBS

Fatigue and tiredness

Infertility and menstrual problems

Insomnia and sleep problems

Migraine and headaches

Pain such as back pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia, arthritis and rheumatism

Post operative pain and scarring

Carpal tunnel, tennis elbow and RSI

Skin conditions, such as acne, eczema and psoriasis

Sinusitis and congestion

Addiction such as smoking

Weight loss and Detox

Women specific problems >




Cosmetic Acupuncture

Sharon offers Acupuncture for beauty as well as health at our Southampton studio!! The main reason Cosmetic Acupuncture was derived was because people found that after a treatment they would look better as well as feel better!

The treatment has been refined to be the most effective and therefore uses special needles which minimise bruising. Cosmetic treatments also use up to 5 times more needles than Traditional Acupuncture as well as a topical anaesthetic. This helps you to understand why the price is higher.

A course of 8 is recommended for long term results, although one treatment will give you a confidence boost if you have a big day! We offer a massive 20% discount for you when you book a course of 8! Needles are placed on the body as well as face as Cosmetic Acupuncture treats the whole person for optimum results!

Acupuncture Facial

These effective facial treatments will leave you glowing with a plumper looking and feeling face. You can expect to look amazing afterwards and no bruising or downtime often experienced with other cosmetic facial procedures. The facial will not lift but does help with lines and wrinkles as gives a real boost to tired looking skin! Combined with an Organic Mini Facial this is a real treat for all ages.

Neck Rejuvenation

As we age, our neck often shows signs first with wrinkles and drooping. Neck Rejuvenation Acupuncture can smooth the appearance of these lines. A regular treatment can halt the aging process in this area and help you to feel youthful for longer! We spend a lot of time treating our face, the neck is often forgotten, don't let it give away your age with Cosmetic Acupuncture!

Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite can be extremely stubborn to get rid of and the market for treatments for it is huge, but it is hard to see some of these wonder products working. What's more, is we all hold onto our fat in different ways, so the best way to treat cellulite is with a treatment that is both proven to be effective and tailored for your needs! Cosmetic Acupuncture for Cellulite gets good results with between 6 - 12 treatments especially when combined with exercise!


So if you are looking for Acupuncture in Southampton, Hampshire fill in your details above or Call Us on 02380 639 747 or 07527630116.


Please read our Cancellation Policy prior to committing to an Appointment. Thank you