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Expert Massage, Osteopathy, Acupuncture & Classes to Remedy Pain and Tension; firm and accurate.

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Styles tailored to suit your needs to balance the mind, body and soul; inclusive of Aromatherapy.

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Soothing, stress and tension relieving; excellent value.

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Pampering perfection; inclusive of warm Aromatherapy oils & Organic Facials.

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Our naturally effective range of Aroma blends & organic skin care to take home. Tailored Gift Vouchers for those you love. Learn Massage from the best with our Massage Training Classes

We are qualified Massage Therapists, offering Holistic Treatments for the purpose of Relaxation and Healing.



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After having a Facial 2 weeks previous, I could not wait to book up again. Made me feel very welcome and relaxed. Service was great and have recommended you to friends and family.



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Bespoke Organic Facial & Scalp Massage

We only use Fresh and Organic Facial Products with 100% Natural Ingredients!

Holistic Facial Massage SouthamptonRefreshing and Soothing: feel and look stunning with a Holistic Facial & Scalp Massage! We only use 100% natural beautifully effective, fresh, 99% organic cosmetics by Tropic skincare to wash away tired skin cells, balance tone (and mind!). Our effective' 'Natural Facelift' Massage techniques will lift tension, improve complexion, reduce fine lines, patchy skin, puffyness and a whole host of other common complaints, including headaches, jaw pain and tired eyes.

Tailored to your skin's needs, we carry out consultation followed by a Deep Cleanse, Scrub, Steam, Masque, Oil Massage, Tone and Moisturise, finished with eye and lip balm and a soothing scalp, neck and shoulders massage. Book Now!

We are proud to now offer Skincare Pioneers - BABOR - bespoke prescription facials and body treatments with Brenda of Endulge Therapy. For more information on these amazing treatments please read more on Babor Skincare >

Please note, a consultation is required on your first visit for any treatment; necessary to get a good understanding of you & tailor the treatment around your needs. Please allow an extra 15 minutes during your first visit. Claim your FREE Consultation and SAVE £7.50! Click for More Info..

Organic Facial
per hour
 First Visit Price:
(includes consultation)
 Treatment Price:
Concession *: (consultation £6 extra *)
 Course of 4 Sessions :
(includes consultation)
(SAVE £17.50!)

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An Organic Holistic Facial and Scalp Massage is also available as part of our 2 hour Detox Deluxe Experience for the most indulgent and comprehensive treatment in town!


Our Bespoke Facial & Scalp Massage is so very relaxing (we have so many nerve endings across the face) you will instantly feel calm and cared for and leave looking and feeling perfectly radient! Our Facial is now 60 minutes long to incorporate in longer 'Natural Facelift' Massage. We stock our fresh organic products, Holistic Facial Kits as well as other creams and pre-blended oils at Southampton Massage Studio, so you can take a little luxury home with you or give the perfect Gift! Click the link to read more about our Fresh and Natural Products.

What can I expect?

During Consultation, skin type will be discussed to ensure the most suitable products are used.  Skin care routine and products will be discussed to meet your needs and requirements and any make-up will be removed before treatment starts.

The skin firstly cleansed with a gentle, organic cleanser and natural sponge to lift away dirt, makeup and dead skin cells. A gentle natural scrub of organic cleanser and ground almonds is smoothed across the skin, paying particular attention to problem areas to complete the cleanse.

Depending on your skin type, a nourishing and purifying Organic Natural Clay will be selected prior to your treatment and mixed with Organic Rose Water with Glycerine (so it doesn't crack) to form a Clay Masque which is carefully painted on. Whilst the masque gets to work on purifying deep into your pores, a scalp, shoulder, neck and ear  massage will be performed to release tension and relax your mind, sooooo good!

After the masque has been gentley removed with natural sponges, the face is patted dry and a tincture is applied as toner, either organic Rose Water or Witch Hazel, or a combination of both, which are made up of pure extracts and mineral water to balance and nourish the skin.

Finshed with a Naturally Active (AND AMAZING!) Fresh, Organic Moisturiser, Eye and Lip Balm and the Facial Massage will continue to soothe and rejuvinate you toward the end of your Holistic Facial Experience.

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Feel Amazing

There are many nerve-endings on the Face and Pressure points across the Scalp and Forehead which is why a Facial and Scalp Massage is so Effective at Relaxing you, combine this with the Aromas and silky feeling of the Beautiful Organic and Fresh Cosmetics from the Feel Good Factory, you will find it impossible not to melt away and forget your troubles and your skin complaints!

The benefits also include an improved circulation to the Head and Face to brighten the complexion, reduce puffiness and help to clear sinuses. The Face and Scalp Massage also offers great Relief from Tension Headaches which can be caused by tight cranial muscles, stress, eye strain or tiredness. Expect to feel lighter, happier and smiley!

Fancy continuing the indulgence with a Full Body Holistic Massage, with added Lymph Drainage, Reflexology Foot Massage and Deep Tissue Back Massage? Then you must book in for our 2 hour Detox Deluxe Experience!

Look Beautiful for Longer

An Organic Holistic Facial & Scalp Massage can help to improve the skin and hairs' texture and appearance as the circulation is increased, giving you a healthy looking complexion.  This is a very relaxing treatment as it can both stimulate and soothe the skins’ nerve endings, which can help to delay fine lines and wrinkles, and tones facial muscles.  It can help to reduce tension headaches and leaves you with a feeling of well-being.

Take the Facial Experience home with you and purchase some of our lovely products online or at our Southampton Massage Studio.


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