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Massage Treatments

Remedial Therapy

Expert Massage, Osteopathy, Acupuncture & Classes to Remedy Pain and Tension; firm and accurate.

Holistic Massage

Styles tailored to suit your needs to balance the mind, body and soul; inclusive of Aromatherapy.

Relaxing Massage

Soothing, stress and tension relieving; excellent value.

Indulgent Massage

Pampering perfection; inclusive of warm Aromatherapy oils & Organic Facials.

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Our naturally effective range of Aroma blends & organic skin care to take home. Tailored Gift Vouchers for those you love. Learn Massage from the best with our Massage Training Classes

We are qualified Massage Therapists, offering Holistic Treatments for the purpose of Relaxation and Healing.



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I had a Full Body Massage and it was perfect, especially the back massage. Wasn't too hard or too soft. Nice with the relaxing music and the Therapist was very friendly and knowledgeable. I will come back for sure. Thanks!


- Southampton

- August 2012


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Facial & Scalp Massage

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Facial massage helps replenish tired skin, decrease tension and headaches, encourages blood flow and is very soothing. Essential oils can be blended for the chest and shoulders to ease further tension.

The scalp massage releases any tension being held in the face and head, and often in the neck and upper body, it increases the flow of blood to your head and is incredibly soothing. Almond oil can be applied to the hair for a moisturising mask but it is not necessary unless desired.


When Organic Naturally Active Ingredients are combined with effective Massage, the treatment becomes a powerful and versatile therapy for to reduce stress and for improving well-being and leave you feeling calm and centered. The professional chest and shoulder massage uses pure essential oils, tailored to you in order to balance you both physically, spiritually and emotionally. This holistic therapy is the definitive relaxation and pampering tool and can be enjoyed as part of a Detox Massage or as a 45 minute Treatment.

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