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Looking for Foot Massage Southampton, Hampshire?

NEW Holistic Foot Rituals

Top to toe duluxe massage southampton

If you want a Pedicure in Southampton, we take it one step further with our indulgent NEW Foot Rituals!

Our feet work really hard carrying us around everyday so it’s important to give them a bit of TLC every now and then. Our Foot Ritual treatments are tailored to your needs; soak your troubles away with our Aromatherapy soak, cleanse, masque, scrub and massage and if you want a little more pedi pampering, tailor with either Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage, Hot Stones or Holistic Massage; with an Aromatherapy soak and scrub, foot tidy and Orly paints. You'll float out of our studio with soft happy feet! Book Now!

Please note, a consultation is required on your first visit for any treatment; necessary to get a good understanding of you & tailor the treatment around your needs. Please allow an extra 15 minutes during your first visit. Claim your FREE Consultation and SAVE £7.50! Click for More Info..

Indulgent Massage
per hour
 First Visit Price:
(includes consultation)
 Treatment Price:
Concession *: (consultation £6 extra *)
 Course of 4 Sessions :
(includes consultation)
(SAVE £17.50!)

Express Foot Bath now available to add on to any treatment: 15minutes for £10.00

Add an Organic Mini Facial: 15min £10.00

* See you you qualify for a concession click here!

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Searching for "Pedicure Southampton" in Google will tell you exactly how many people offer Pedi treatments in Southampton! But our Holistic Foot Rituals take foot pampering to a new level with Aromatherapy and organic scrubs and masques! These treatments are tailored to your individual needs, so if you're looking for a Southampton Pedicure make sure you ask for a pedi therapist on booking! Check out how we differentiate ourselves below:


So...what's so special about this NEW Treatment?

The 60minute Holistic Foot Ritual treatment starts with a relaxing aromatherapy foot soak to soothe tired, aching feet and prepare the skin for your treatment. Feet are then washed and a PEDI peel organic masque is applied. This is followed by an organic Dead Sea scrub with Lavender and peppermint oils making your feet feel refreshed and invigorated.

Then relax as your feet are expertly massaged and your aches and pains are eased away. Beautiful Lemon, Peppermint and Frankincense oils uplift and rejuvenate whilst the AHA fruit acids in our special foot cream further exfoliate and smooth the skin.


Enhance your Treatment with Holistic Therapy or a Pedicure!

If you really want to treat your feet why not choose one of our luxury pedicures? They include everything in the Holistic Pedicure with an extra 30 minutes of something special!

Choose from…

Perfect Pedi Ritual
If you want us to, we will follow this by cutting and filing your nails and tidying up your cuticles. Complete the treatment with a light moisturiser leaving your feet silky smooth and feeling like new. Nails are perfectly shaped and polished using Orly nail polishes. Providing a splash of colour, perfect for glamorous nights out or lazy summer sandal days.

The Body Balance Ritual
This includes a reflexology treatment to balance and restore energy to the whole body by working along the reflex points in the feet linked to all organs and areas of the body.

The Anti-puffy Ritual
Lymph drainage is used on the feet and legs to encourage lymph movement, reducing puffy ankles and legs. This light pressure massage is soothing and relaxing and helps boost the immune system.

The Cosy Feet Ritual
Warm basalt stones placed between your toes whilst smooth warm stones rub up and down your soles. This luxurious hot stone massage pedicure for the feet and lower legs is a must for anyone who suffers with poor circulation and cold feet. Perfect in winter.

Soothing Environment

The YOU Massage Therapy Southampton Massage studio is both relaxing, secluded and centrally located in Bedford Place, Southampton, Hampshire. A professional environment, newly redecorated in calming, natural colours, you'll feel at ease as soon as you arrive, with the aromas of essential oils and music you will like waiting to welcome you, a truly unique experience. You'll be wrapped in fluffy blankets and cosy on a full massage bed, the best choice for pampering treatments such as Pedicures in Southampton!


Benefits of a Holistic Foot Ritual

Holistic means just that; a “whole”istic approach to you and your toes. Treating every person as an individual; how they are feeling and considering their lifestyle, physical, mental and emotional wellbeing as a whole.

We get to know you and your feet, all of our Therapists will tailor your foot treatment for you. By removing hard skin and calouses you can slip into those heels a bit more comfortably! Crystal deposits that can build up in and around the feet and impede blood flow can be dispersed. Circulation can be drawn in and then away from the feet, encouraging a normal flow throughout the body to aid detox and nourishment. Reflex points can be stimulated to send signals to the brain to check and encourage healing throughout the body.


When Holistic Therapy is not advised:

We are experienced therapists and will always tailor Holistic Massage to your individual needs so you can be sure you are being cared for.

It is rare that gentle massage can upset the balance of the body more so than day to day life, however, there are some conditions where massage would not be appropriate and expert medical attention will be advised. Click here if you are suffering with a medical problem for guidance.



And Relax

All of our Holistic Massage Therapists are competent listeners and can offer sound advice when needed. Our goal is to relieve all stress, some people like to talk about how they feel, others just enjoy the quiet time or even nod off! Whichever you prefer is fine by us and we will always do all we can to help you relax at our studio.

Contact Us

To book an appointment, either click Contact Us, fill out the form (leaving contact details, your name, the Holistic Massage Therapy you are interested in and some availability) and we will get back to you as soon as possible; or call us on the number at the top of the page.

So if you are looking for a Southampton Pedicure, fill in your details in the form above or Call Us On 07527 630116 or 02380 639747.

Please read our Cancellation Policy prior to committing to an Appointment.