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- August 2012


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Manual Lymphatic Drainage continued

Lymphatic Drainage Massage can also be combined with cellulite massage to remove extra toxins, deep tissue massage to reduce swelling in muscles, facials to enhance the skin and it is in itself a deeply relaxing and cleansing treat for your body, detoxifying and speeding up the removal of cellular garbage.


The Science

Lymph vessels make up an intimate mesh work that covers every inch of skin and surrounds every organ and is connected closely with the cardio-vascular system. The lymph vessels start off as very small and delicate and have only one cell, they are anchored in place by collagen and elastin fibres; we call these the initial lymphatic’s. When pressure increases on the initial lymphatic by either a rush of fluid, or stretching the skin (over 70 % of the initial lymphatic’s are on or just under the skin.) they open up allowing the lymph fluid to flow through along the channel toward the lymph node. Lymph above the waist, referred to as the ‘watershed’, flows down superficial pathways to the auxiliary nodes under the arm, and lymph below the waist flows to the inguinal nodes in the groin.


2 – 3 litres of lymph a day is filtered and on its way it transports protein to the blood stream, removes fat deposits in a fluid called chyli, collects dead cells, bacteria, viruses, inorganic substances, excess water (it is 96 % water) and other waste. The protein in the blood draws in water and when the flow is poor due to either a lack of movement or a blockage at the lymph node the area can swell up and become numb or itchy.


A little history

Henrik Ling is essentially as the father of modern Western massage. Henrik Ling was actually the man to discover the lymphatic system in humans. During the infancy of the industrial revolution, Henrik against a tide of modern mechanical interpretations made great leaps in understanding the Lymphatic system. It is this discovery that has allowed modern day Holistic Therapists to be able to manipulate the Lymphatic system to help ease stress and ailments in people.


Without Henrik Ling's input and ingenuity modern day Holistic Therapy would be missing vital massage techniques. And it would also have influenced the proliferation of this knowledge through a lot of the modern western civilization... certainly we might not now be providing holistic massage in Southampton , Hampshire or indeed any country.


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