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Massage Treatments

Remedial Therapy

Expert Massage, Osteopathy, Acupuncture & Classes to Remedy Pain and Tension; firm and accurate.

Holistic Massage

Styles tailored to suit your needs to balance the mind, body and soul; inclusive of Aromatherapy.

Relaxing Massage

Soothing, stress and tension relieving; excellent value.

Indulgent Massage

Pampering perfection; inclusive of warm Aromatherapy oils & Organic Facials.

What's More...

Our naturally effective range of Aroma blends & organic skin care to take home. Tailored Gift Vouchers for those you love. Learn Massage from the best with our Massage Training Classes

We are qualified Massage Therapists, offering Holistic Treatments for the purpose of Relaxation and Healing.



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I had a Full Body Massage and it was perfect, especially the back massage. Wasn't too hard or too soft. Nice with the relaxing music and the Therapist was very friendly and knowledgeable. I will come back for sure. Thanks!


- Southampton

- August 2012


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Massage Events Southampton

Massage can be done anywhere, to add an element of luxury to any event! YOU Massage Therapy are experienced in providing event Massage to many different formats, be it a works-do or a music festival, we can be on hand to offer Massage Therapy at an affordable price!

Whether you'd like to set aside a room for us to create a treatment room in (we can provide relaxing music, ambient lighting, heat, fluffy towels, aromatherapy and everything you need to transform any room to a luxurious relaxing paradise!) or an area to work in at your event (we have portable equipment to provide massage without the person needing to even undress!) YOU Massage Therapy can provide experienced Therapists to add a unique quality to your event.

Commonly, we are invited to companies as part of a Health and Well-Being day. We've also been invited to Private Parties to pamper friends or associates! We've set up in Hotels and marquees for Business Events and Hospitals and Care homes for Charity Events.

We are also happy to provide information at support groups and sporting events, we love to talk about massage and can give comprehensive demonstrations on the benefits and how to emulate at home!

So, consider inviting YOU Massage Therapy to your next event and you will not be disappointed! We get excellent feedback wherever we go and we are always on the look out for something a bit different. Contact Amy or Naomi via the Contact Form or on 02380 639 747 to discuss how we can help your event be a great success!


Examples of events we have worked alongside:

Bestival Festival

Big Chill Festival

Pink Pamper Evening

Health and Well Being days at various companies

Baby Showers

Bridal Parties

Monthly Massage Days at Corporations

Charity Evenings

Running events

Student Open Days

Launch nights for business


So what are the Benefits?

Your guests will be relaxed and happy! We can highlight the need for further massage and offer discounts to your guests! People LOVE it when they see Massage on the list of entertainments for your event, we usually get a queue! Massage adds luxury to any environment.

Workplace Massage increases productivity of your staff by up to 70%!


How much does it cost?

You can hire a Massage Therapist for any event at the normal rate of £40 per hour for a minimum of 4 hours. For less than 4 hours Therapists will come to you for £50 per hour (legitimate events only, this is not a mobile service)

If you are running a charity or a regular event please Contact Us for more information on special rates.

You can also hire our studio at a rate of £40 per hour per Therapist/Room (minimum 4 hours) if you're short of somewhere to hold your Massage event!


So, what are you waiting for! Add something special to your next event with YOU Massage Therapy!