Reflexology Explained

Reflexology is a truly holistic treatment which helps to re-balance the body. Originally it started in China around 4000BC and was developed by Dr William Fitzgerald during the 19th Century, he discovered that by applying pressure to certain areas of the body he could relieve pain in other, seemingly unrelated areas.  It is based on the theory that our bodies contain energy which flows through all organs and systems. This energy should be able to travel freely around the body, but occasionally blockages occur when this happens the body becomes out of balance. Reflexology is believed to be able to asses where the imbalance lies and treat the area. Some times it is better to try and treat the whole body at once instead of focusing on one area as an illness may also be affecting other areas of the body including the mind, similarly a condition like stress could have an impact on your body such as the tightening of shoulders.

Reflexology can either be practised on the hands or feet but is commonly used and thought to be more effective on the feet (there also exists more obscure types of Reflexology such as eye, ear and spinal Reflexology!) It is believed that whilst lying on one’s back the feet mirror the body. Every organ and bodily system is reflected on the feet by a reflex point, your feet are an exact map of your body; for example your big toes represent your head and neck, the curve of the arch of your foot is the same curvature as your spine and the bladder point swells when you need to go to the toilet! It works because all the nerve endings of the body end on the foot, and by stimulating these nerves, it sends a direct message to your brain to check these areas of the body and encourage healing where required, if there is tension, fluid or a build up of toxins that needs attention..  It is sometimes called zone therapy as the foot is divided into ‘zones’ according to the mapping of the body.


The therapist will first of all massage the foot to loosen any tights muscles and to relax you. Reflexology is truly one of the most relaxing treatments you could enjoy. Next the therapist will ‘thumb walk’ around the foot following the layout of the systems of your body. The pressure should be gentle at first in order to asses whether any areas are tender, puffy, tight or ‘crunchy’, if they are this indicates unbalance in the area. The next round of thumb walking is used to treat the areas of unbalance and pressure may be increased where required.


You may feel odd sensations in your body such as stretching, pulling or ‘butterflies’, a common reaction is deep relaxation combined with a comforting feeling of clarity and well-being as the brain checks the areas of the body and is reassured that all is well. If you do have an illness or condition, Reflexology will encourage healing within the body, because of this rapid reaction to heal, some clients may experience mucus or a rumbly stomach, for example; some may cough or need to go to the toilet, occasionally clients have complained of a head ache or feeling ‘light-headed’, these are the only adverse effects you can expect as the body embarks on the healing process and a second treatment will usually calm any ill feelings by encouraging the healing to continue. We recommend a course of three sessions to get the most out of a Reflexology treatment.



Reflexology can be used by all the family and is often used within pregnancy to alleviate tension and stress. It promotes rebalancing and wellbeing all over the body by removing toxins, reducing stress and improving circulation. It’s non invasive, incredibly relaxing and stress relieving, and Reflexology is available as an enhanced treatment with either an Aromatherapy Back Massage (Back and Reflex), the Full Works Treatment which includes a Mini Holistic Facial and Aromatherapy Back Massage, the Top to toe Deluxe, which includes a Mini Holistic Facial and Aromatherapy Full Body Massage with Acupressure, or, for the ultimate in body balancing harmony, book yourself in for a Detox Deluxe Experience which includes everything in the top to Toe as well as Lymph Drainage massage and Deep Tissue and a Deep Cleanse Clay Masque!


Try it! People are continually fascinated by it’s effectiveness, including us therapists!


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