World Heart Day 2012


Tomorrow is World Heart Day so here at YOU Massage Therapy we wanted to talk to you about the different massage techniques which can be used to benefit those who suffer with stress, anxiety and other factors which can lead to heart problems.  There are so many different types of massage treatments some are excellent at reducing stress and tension and others are fantastic at eliminating the tension associated with stress and tension such as knotty shoulders and stiff necks. Should you, or someone you know think or know that you have a heart problem, we suggest you consult your doctor before having massage. We will undergo a thorough consultation and may suggest a visit to a doctor or alternative type of therapy.


Massage has numerous benefits and it’s backed up with studies that show it can help improve symptoms of certain conditions relating to heart problems. According to a study done in 2009 massage was shown to be beneficial for those who had recently undergone major heart surgery. The findings suggested that massage helped alleviate pain and reduce anxiety associated with the operations. The reduction of stress would help keep blood pressure levels down and therefore assist in the healing process of the operation and allow the patient to relax within an environment that may make them feel uncomfortable.

Massage also has an impact on the body’s nervous system which is linked to the health of the heart. During a a massage the body’s levels of cortisol decrease. Cortisol is released by the body during ‘fight or flight’ but in today’s’ high paced society higher levels of cortisol have become part of everyday life which has led to an increase in stress, depression and higher levels of recorded heart disease.

It is also true that certain types of massage can increase blood pressure these tend to be more vigorous, if you do suffer with heart problems please talk to your doctor before having any form of massage. You may be asked by your therapist to provide a doctor’s note before a treatment takes place.

Aromatherapy massages with hot oils can be comforting, relaxing and pampering, the essential oils not only sink into the skin helping to ease tension but the aroma’s can lift your spirit and ease a busy mind. We combine numerous techniques within our holistic massages which all include aromatherapy oils to encourage a client to completely relax and allow their mind to drift. Just as there are oils to relax there are also oils to stimulate, this are avoided with regards to heart or blood pressure problems as they can often exacerbate the issue.

Using rebalancing treatments such as reflexology and acupressure will not only relax they will help the body find it’s equilibrium therefore help lower high blood pressure and reduce stress inducing chemicals like adrenaline.

There are numerous things that you can do to improve your heart and help combat increasing levels of heart disease which include, regular exercise, a healthy diet and taking time to unwind and de-stress.


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