Lupus Awareness Month

We believe that massage can be highly beneficial and helpful for a whole range of illnesses and disabilities including Lupus. This article endeavors to inform you but if you are unsure please contact us for more info on 02380 639 747. If you have serious health concerns we always recommend you speak to a doctor before commencing massage or any other holistic or alternative treatments.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease which can affect the muscles, skin, joints and other organs. An autoimmune disease means that the body begins attacking itself as it believes certain elements are foreign bodies.

Here we go into a little detail about the Holistic Treatments that may help…

Including Massage, Acupressure, Reflexology. It may also be beneficial to seek guidance from a dermatologist or skin specialist.

Lupus causes high levels of pain and discomfort for many of its sufferers therefore massage is often suggested by Lupus experts as massage helps release the body’s natural painkillers. Unfortunately there are types of Lupus that are in fact aggravated by massage, therefore a doctor’s note should be obtained before arranging a massage so that the therapist can treat you.

Acupressure can be used to balance the body, it can help Lupus sufferers by improving the body’s circulation and oxygenation this helps organs to rejuvenate and cleanse themselves which ultimately means the organs will be able to function efficiently. YOU Massage Therapy offers traditionalAcupressure Massage in our SouthamptonMassage studio, Hampshire. Acupressure is a traditional technique used to help unblock energy centres in the body. The Chinese believe that the points (Acupoints) are in fact junctures of pathways (Meridians) and that they carry energy (Chi) throughout the body. In reality, these ‘trigger points’ can be used to release blockages and tension within the tissues, so that the life giving fluids can gain access delivering nourishment and collect waste; also, directly releases tightness in the muscle fibres which cause pressure and pain. Book Now!

Reflexology can also be used to re balance the body, it is a deeply relaxing treatment. It works by drawing the bodies attention to area’s of unrest. Once the body is aware of these areas it can begin to try and restore balance therefore encourage healing. Reflexology can be dated as far back as the Egyptians, it cannot be precisely explained why by Stimulating carefully mapped out points across the foot region can Detect abnormalities in the Body, Alleviate and even Heal certain conditions. The similarities in the Structure of the Human Body to the Foot are clear, and symptoms of Tension can be Detected and Eased. Reflexology Massage can stop Illnesses from manifesting, drawing the body’s attention to Problematic areas, stimulating your Natural Waste-disposal system and Encouraging Healing. Therapists Amy, Naomi and Nikki provide western Reflexology,.. All other therapists have had training in zone therapy. Click here to read about our Massage Therapists and their availability.

Ultimately massage can help with the tension associated with any illness, it helps lower levels of cortisol and allows a person to switch off and focus on being calm. Massage is deeply comforting and with the right therapist and environment it can provide that moment of calm which so many people with long term illnesses crave.

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