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GV emailDeciding on a gift or a treat is not always the easiest thing to do especially if it’s a person who you haven’t known very long.  With Christmas coming up it’s time to start thinking about our loved ones and finding them the perfect gift to say Thank you and I love you.

But where do you start? You could trawl around the shops for a few weeks looking at a whole bunch of “pretty good” ideas or you spend your evenings on the net searching for “great Christmas gifts for….”.


After all that you might be lucky and the “gift” but sometimes we buy things which we think are awesome (secretly may have bought it so we can have a go) but unfortunately they may not. We’ve all done it, bought a gift and then spent the next few weeks wondering whether it’s the right thing after all.


Well what about gift vouchers? They are a great Christmas gifts for all. If you know the person likes massage but you don’t know what type then buying them some time may be the perfect solution. We sell Gift Vouchers which offer our clients blocks of time rather than specific treatments which means we can create the perfect hour or 2 for your loved one.

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Through our consultation we ask questions which allow us to tailor the treatment time according to the needs of the client which leaves our clients feeling truly pampered and well looked after.

Our gift vouchers are currently on sale with 20% off including the consultation, £40 for 60 minutes plus consultation or £78 for 120 minutes, if you have any treatment with us this month!!

With 60 minutes they could experience a whole world of amazing treatments. They could start with one of our sumptuous facials using a wonderful organic facial range. The facial could be a mini one or a full which includes a scrub and a mask and a lush face massage to stimulate the blood flow which helps to plump the skin. After this they could have reflexology which is deeply and relaxing and also beneficial for reducing stress and balancing the body.

If they get stressed easily and carry tension in their shoulders maybe a holistic back with yummy aromatherapy oils will suit them.



I think gift vouchers are the best present for pregnant women either they can use it whilst pregnant to relieve those aches and pains or they  can save it until the baby is here and use it to escape and relax and give themselves some well needed me time.

If you choose to buy them a 2 hour slot they can treat themselves to a complete full body massage, full facial and reflexology we call it our detox deluxe. This treatment is mind blowing and will leave your loved on

e feeling refreshed, calm, pampered and truly indulged.

Now we don’t just do relaxing treatments that are designed to pamper we also have some outstanding sports therapists who can help loosen, stretch, pummel and treat any muscle injuries, problems or extremely tight areas.


GIFTIf you decide to buy a gift voucher, we also reward you by giving you 10% OFF a treatment for yourself! So why not buy a friend, family or loved one a perfect gift today and join them and enjoy a little pamper with discount for yourself too!!


There are many ways to purchase a gift voucher, you can come into the studio and pay by cash or card, buy via our website and pay through PayPal, or call our mobile on 07527630116 and pay over the phone. We can post or email your gift voucher to you.

Go on treat your loved ones to the wonderful gift of massage!!

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