Therapist Introduction: Elizabeth

Treatments I offer and why I would offer them to you by Elizabeth, Massage Therapist at YOU Massage Therapy

After many years being involved in sports and fitness, I decided I wanted to learn something in relation to benefiting the industry. I went to college and completed an A-level in Sport and then continued to further my studies in an introduction to Osteopathy course. I then landing a position on a Sports Massage course which I took to naturally and realised it was exactly what I wanted to do. I decided not to stop there and have since gained lots of other massage qualifications; I am qualified in Sports, Deep Tissue, Herbal Thai Massage, Hot Stones, Pregnancy, Swedish, Indian Head and Lymph Drainage Massages.

As an introduction to my approach to these effective styles of Massage Therapy, I’d like to give you a break down on these treatments, who would benefit from them and why I would recommend them.

Sports Massage

During a sports massage I will use a combination of techniques; including petrissage and friction to break down adhesions and knots which can be the cause of most athletes’ pain, as this produces a build up preventing fresh blood delivering oxygen and lymph fluid dispersing of toxins and debris. Stretching techniques will also be performed, such as Static; to lengthen muscles, Muscle Energy Techniques (MET) to evenly distribute muscle energy and Soft Tissue Release, which involves stretching and frictions to reduce adhesions in the tissues at their peak. These techniques are applied to reduce tension brought on by variable reasons; to decrease pain, ease joint pressure, and reduce injuries. I would offer Sport Massage if you presented me with an injury, whether it be chronic (long term) a sporting, lifestyle or even an office based injury and to anyone wishing to assure they are performing to the best of their abilities and allowing full maximum range in the joints.

Deep Tissue Massage

Is similar to Sports Massage yet there are rarely stretches applied. This type of massage works in to the deep layers of the muscles and tissues allowing full range of movement within particular muscle groups. Deep Tissue Massage can sometimes be a little painful but it feels so much better than having muscles that are tense and solid, blocking blood flow and restricting movement. The pressure applied is only for a short time to encourage a neurological healing response; you will become used to the sensation knowing that is it doing more good than harm and the release you feel afterwards! By applying deep pressure it allows me to reach structural tension and a much better increase of blood and nutrient flow and range of movement to muscle joints. I would offer this treatment to anyone presenting tightness and pain in any area of the body provided you don’t have any major health concerns.

Herbal Thai Massage

Is the opposite of the Remedial Massage treatments mentioned above! This Traditional Thai Massage Treatment uses tightly compressed herbs in muslin bags which are gently massaged over the body absorbing into the skin and tissues beneath. As you relax deeply into the sensation you will really struggle to believe that you are not in a different place, such as Thailand or another exotic paradise! This massage is great for anyone that needs a pick me up to feel a more positive, energised and chilled out, it also soothes tension and pressures. It is believed that the varieties of herbs used capture any negative thoughts and feelings which can then be released afterwards in the back garden or wherever you feel comfortable by splitting the compress open. I would recommend this to anyone that wants a deeply relaxing and stress busting Massage, to imagine you are on holiday, whilst relaxing to the sound of the music and the different smells of the herbs.

Hot Stone Massage

Is similar to the Thai Treatment, as it uses heat to relax and soothe but instead of compresses, a set of Hot Stones are placed around and gentle massaged into the body. Where there is tension, whilst the other stones warm and relax the rest of the body, the Hot Volcanic Stones are used to massage away (even very deep) muscular tension. It can be applied as a Deep Tissue Massage or a gentle, relaxing massage. The stones can be used as much or as little as feels good with the perfect pressure temperature to suit you. The heat embeds into the layers of the muscle and tissue, allowing full blood circulation and range of movement again. I would recommend this massage to anyone and everyone! Simply divine in the winter!

Pregnancy Massage

Can be tailored to the mum’s needs; some need to have certain areas worked into as the body changes and becomes tense, I apply Holistic rather than Deep techniques to gently break down tension and help lengthen short muscles. Equally, some ladies just want to relax their body and mind and sooth away any aches and pains and worries that come with being pregnant. I am able to massage pregnancy over the 12th week mark, once you’ve had your first scan. The build up to the new arrival can be a stressful yet magical time, by having this wonderful Pregnancy Massage, I can calm the mum to be of any worries that she may be feeling; it gives you that last minute of YOU time. Being a Mum myself, I know how important this is!

Swedish Massage

Is a massage that everybody enjoys! Traditionally developed to relax the whole body and mind, the gentle power of a lighter, rhythmic touch can reach deep within the inner core of one’s consciousness. I would recommend this massage to anyone of any age; it is a type of massage that can be tailored to anyone’s needs focusing on points but traditionally the whole body. Stressful day at work? Come in for a Swedish massage and be sure to walk out on cloud 9 feeling a lot more relaxed and grounded!

Indian Head Massage

Developed in India many years ago to aid healing and peace this is a comprehensive Head Massage. Practised to relax healing the head, neck and shoulder area as well as the mind; Indian Head Massage helps improve blood flow to the brain and frees us of any tension or knots around the shoulders and neck. I would offer this treatment to anyone that has a stiff neck or shoulders or head aches as I would work on different techniques to release anything I found in this area. Who doesn’t enjoy their head being rubbed? It helps you to switch off from the day. Along with feeling on top of the world afterwards, this treatment provides a little much needed head space to rethink of new ideas.

Lymph Drainage Massage

Is a perfect way to detox the body by quickening the body’s natural waste disposal system. Ever wondered why you feel slow or sluggish? It can be related to a build up of Lymph Fluid and toxins and other unwanted debris in the body after an illness, over-indulgence, change on lifestyle, allergy or with slow circulation. The lymphatic system is designed to fight of any infection and if it is not functioning well then the fluid will build up and our bodies won’t perform properly. This type of massage (used in hospitals) works on gently pushing any waste fluid towards the correct lymph nodes which are filters to remove poisons and cell debris etc from the body. I’d recommend this Therapy for anyone feeling under the weather or heavy in the body or with obvious swelling. It’s not suitable for everybody, so I will need to check with you that you don’t have anything like kidney problems or cellulitis or cancer. Lymph Drainage Massage is a slow and very gentle treatment that requires skill, uses gravity and is tailored to your needs; it allows the body to heal and perform to its best ability in fighting illness and boosting energy.


As your Massage Therapist I will be able to see the fluid moving around and you will be able to notice the difference after the treatment and up to week’s afterwards. With any treatment you receive from me, you can be sure that you will be in excellent hands and will come out feeling energized, de-stressed and ready to take on the world! Massage is proven to help with the inner and outer body leaving all your negatives behind starting fresh. Looking forward to meeting you soon!

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