How Aroma and massage helps women’s problems

massage blogHow Aromatherapy and Massage can help women’s problems!


Due to International Women’s Day on the 8th of March and Mother’s Day coming up on the 30th, we have decided to make the focus of March on Women! This blog will be about certain problems we can encounter as women and how aromatherapy and massage can help. I will discuss what ‘women problems’ actually means, different essentials oils that can benefit certain issues and the different types of massage that can provide support.


What are ‘Women problems’ and what can we do about them?headache

All of us ladies have experienced ‘Women problems’ at some point in our lives if not every month. ‘Women problems’ is such a vague term so this can range from PMT, painful menses and monthly migraines to PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), infertility and menopause. Hormonal imbalances such as a dominance of oestrogen over progesterone are the usual cause of the symptoms we experience. This may be as a result of another problem and therefore getting help for the main issue is the best solution. However, Aromatherapy and Massage can be a great help in balancing hormones which in turn will help calm the symptoms. A few oils can mimic hormones such as oestrogen and so help with imbalances.

The use of Aromatherapy and Massage for Women Problems

I will go on to describe essential oils that can be beneficial when experiencing different problems. If visiting an Aroma therapist they will normally create a blend that has been tailored to your needs. This can contain three to four different essential oils which will specifically target the areas you would like focus on. The Aroma therapist can use different methods such as inhalation or compresses to allow the essential oils to be taken into the system but usually the blend will be applied to the skin via massage. The massage can be done on the abdomen and lower back to help ease pain in these areas and to allow the essential oils to be absorbed directly into the problem areas.

Essential oils such as Geranium, Rose and Clary Sage can influence hormone production which can have a beneficial effect on PMS symptoms. Bergamot, Rose and Chamomile can also help with depression and irritability. To manage PMS successfully, a blend with these essential oils in a base oil of evening primrose oil should be used daily with massage (can include self massage). Sage can be blended with Clary Sage which can help to regulate painful, heavy periods and temper as well as bring on periods if they have stopped. For cramps or congestive pain, warming, antispasmodic or decongestive oils can be used such as Sweet Marjoram, Chamomile or Juniper berry. These can be used in a massage blend again or in a hot compress on the abdomen or lower back. If you feel hot water bottles normally help in these situations (as many of us do) then use these oils before using the hot water bottle to gain more effective pain relief.

I have mainly discussed PMS above, however many of the same oils can be effective for other issues such as endometriosis and when going through the menopause. Geranium is a great hormonal balancer and regulator while Rose helps tone the uterus. Basil Sweet European (Ocimum basilicum ct linalool) is oestrogen like so can help balance hormones and clear feelings of congestion in the uterus. Deep Tissue Massage with the use of these oils and a focus on neuromuscular therapy (NMT) can be very beneficial for women suffering from endometriosis as trigger points can often be contributing to the pain. While the use of the essential oils and more relaxing massage can provide a great nurturing feeling to women going through menopause as well as calm typical symptoms.


Appropriate use of Essential Oils and when you should avoid them!

oil pregnancyAlthough with problems that have been brought on by an excess of oestrogensuch as oestrogen dependent breast cancer, some of these oils wouldn’t be appropriate.  Please note that some of these oils must not be used in pregnancy as they can be uterine stimulants. If in doubt always ask a qualified Aroma therapist as they will be able to advise on the safest and most appropriate oils to use during pregnancy.


Every woman is different and at YOU Massage we take the time to get to know you and symptoms you have. We are able to tailor essential oils around your needs, as well as the carrier oil to help balance oil in the skin if required, to give you the perfectly tailored treatment to balance, soothe and harmonise.

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