Ladies!! Support during your monthly!

Pain effects everyone at some time.
Pain effects everyone at some stage.

Ladies, may I ask you a question? How many women out there suffer really badly with PMT?? Hormone issues? AND bad mood swings?


Well if YOU do then this blog is for you! I have a problem where I suffer from pmt and am told I am very moody and stroppy…. Well if this sounds familiar then help is on the way!





Ways to help you through your monthly!tummy pains

I dread every time it is about to start, this is due to my emotions going all over the place. To help me through this I need important things around me!!


  1. A hot water bottle or heated beanie
  2. Bottle of wine
  3. Chocolate
  4. Chick flicks
  5. Candles
  6. AROMATHERAPY OIL!!!!!!!!!
  7. Girly Friends (just to have that little moan!!)


Ever wondered why at YOU Massage Therapy we have an aromatherapy oil burner on the go? Well I use this to make the studio smell nice but MOSTLY to help lift and help my mood! During my monthly I choose aromas which will help me to stay calm and relaxed.


I use a little bit of geranium, Jasmine, Grapefruit and Rosemary.


Having aromatherapy therapists around me I use their knowledge to help me choose PLUS there are some great reading materials to help with this also!



Aromatherapy oils are used to help in a number of ways. For me the smell is amazing, plus I find depending on the smell and fragrance I have around me really supports me through the day when it starts to get tough.


The wonderful thing with YOU Massage blends is we can make them up and put them into oil for you to have your very own little support at home. Pop in and buy one today, we already have our woman’s balance already made up with Clary sage, jasmine, geranium and frankincense.



Although we can make up a blend to suit you, as long as Annie, Nikki, Naomi or Amy is here, they are aromatherapy trained and able to mix blends to suit you.


Annie made me a blend with Chamomile, Vetivert, Lime and Sandalwood; this calmed me very quickly and relaxed my mood. I just rubbed it onto my chest and put some into the oil burner. I was in heaven. On occasions I have put a mixture of Geranium, Rose, Bergamot, Neroli and Jasmine. Not only does it smell great it has a calming influence.


Try it one day and see what you think. Come and speak to one of our therapists with advice on aromatherapy and see how calmer we can make you.


Massage & techniques to help!

Massage is a great form of help also. Having massage during your period can speed things up, and also leave you feeling refreshed. A new study has been bought out to support this. Follow the link to see.


feetA few types of massage to ease some tension is our Holistic treatment, with aromatherapy included this will relax you, work on your tension and help you through the time when it is tough.


If you are finding that your period is a little late and you are due, and then why not try our holistic back massage with reflexology? This can help you relax down and work on pressure points to clear any blockages to help bringing you on.


If you just feel you need to relax, Indian Head massage is a great way to clear tension in your head and neck. Sometimes we just need to take a little time out and get back to feeling refreshed, to help us deal with daily stresses.


Once you have had your little time out, try some gentle exercise, swimming is great or even go for a nice walk. It is said that walking can help you with getting you out of your mood. I have to say living by the sea I am very fortunate especially on a windy day, I just take myself off on my own plug music in my ears and walk off my mood. When I get back home I feel the cobwebs have been blown away and I am ready to be civilised.  So when you feel yourself getting worked up and you are able to get out (even for ten minutes) try it and see how you feel afterwards!


There are also classes you could choose to support you with breathing and stretching. Yoga will support with breathing and calming the sole. Aerobics is also great whether you are in the water or normally. Stretches and movements and controlling your breathing help calm the mind, and make you think of anything other than your mood or pain.


Well I have suggested ways to help you through your monthly or even when you get into a mood.


Trying massage or even looking into aromatherapy oil to put on your skin, bath or in the oil burner can help you through the tough times.


To relax and calm the mind different types of exercise could also help calm any situation down. You could go to the gym, swimming or even going for a walk. Blow those cobwebs away and start to feel refreshed and easier to help you through the times when you find you are most stressed and cross.


I hope this gives you a little support and feel you are not alone there are others going through similar problem, and together WE can get through it. With a little bit of help either way which suits YOU best, as we are all individuals and no one is the same.



Studio Coordinator, YOU Massage Therapy

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