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massage sportsHello, my name is Cristina, and I have just joined You Massage Therapy as a Sport Massage Therapist.

Sport and health are the two areas I have always been very interested in. After finishing school, I moved to Chieti (Italy), looking for a good Sport Science program at the university. During my three years of the undergraduate course, I started exploring the basic of Sport Science and also went deeper into some fields. I was really excited by  most of the subjects I was studying, particularly anatomy, neuro-anatomy, physiology and sport performance.

I graduated in February 2006, and my final thesis was about “Shoulder impingement syndrome”.

The final dissertation objective was to design an appropriate rehabilitation programme capable of recovering original performance levels of athletes.

It was during my Masters  course when I learnt more in depth about the units I really enjoyed during my undergraduate degree. I was awarded a scholarship to study in Spain. I moved to Barcelona to start my second Master’s degree in Physical Activity, Sport and Health, where I worked with the Spanish swimming national team. You-Massage-Logo

During the last three years I have been involved in a few personal research projects which have ended up in the publication of three scientific papers. The aim of these researches was to enhance the performance in elite water polo players.

To read a little of my work which has been published, please have a look here, another piece of work I have published The Components of the Jumps in Expert and Intermediate Water Polo Players and finally Technical, Perceptual and Motor Skills in Novice-Expert Water Polo Players: An Individual Discriminant Analysis for Talent Development


I have always enjoyed being in the field of research, however, I don’t see myself being exclusively in an office environment as it would not fulfil me as much as being actively collaborating with a group of people on a more practical basis.

In addition, I have always had an interest in massage therapy and whether the techniques I have been told about during my studying career will actually be valid in real life situations.

So due this curiosity, my professional career turned a new corner in April 2014 when I decided to enrol in the London School of Sport and Remedial Massage (LSSM).

During this course I had the opportunity to participate in a few sport events providing remedial massage to members who were participating in the Bournemouth 7s Rugby Festival, the Ride London-Surrey, Weymouth Triathlon, Fleet half

Marathon and the London Marathon last April. Alongside this, last March I took part at the Strapping and Taping Course where I investigated and learnt the several uses of Kinesiotaping, among them:

–          Inhibition of trigger points

–          Increase/decrease muscle tone

–          Offloading myofascial pathways.

Health science has always been my passion because, amongst other reasons, I strongly believe that there is nothing more important than health.

back stretch

Having said this, in a few months’ time, I am looking at starting a Pilates course (Fitness Inspired Teacher Training), which will give me a Level 3 Diploma in Teaching Pilates. This qualification will add extra value to my professional career and will also give me the opportunity to present a much more diversified offer to my clients. Watch this space in the future and for classes being offered……

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