Meet Catherine, Southampton Pilates Instructor and Nutritional Advisor

Catherine is running a mixed ability lunch time and beginners evening Pilates classes from our Bedford Place Studio on Mondays

Pilates Instructor SouthamptonHello, my name is Catherine. I am a member of the team at You Massage, offering Pilates Classes and Nutritional Coaching on Mondays.

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I am a qualified Level 3 Nutrition Advisor with specialist knowledge in nutrition and weight management, behaviour change coaching and sport nutrition. In addition to this I am also a Pilates Instructor with Future Fit Training and I have completed my Level 3 Diploma in Instructing Mat Pilates. I have continued studying whilst working at You Massage Southampton to obtain my Level 3 Pre- and Post- Natal Exercise, Pilates for Common Orthopaedic Conditions, Exercise Referral for Health Management and ultimately complete my studies by becoming a Level 4 Low Back Pain Exercise Specialist in May 2018.

I am really passionate about healing through Pilates….

happy couple jumping on the beach, summer vacationsI have witnessed the benefits of Pilates firsthand in sport rehabilitation after sustaining a sports injury in my shoulder. Pilates helped correct my muscular imbalances caused as a result of the injury and improved my posture considerably correcting my rounded shoulders. It was this personal experience that led me to change careers and pursue becoming a Pilates Instructor as I wanted to help others benefit too from the healing benefits of Pilates. As a Pilates Instructor I have been running weekly beginner classes at YOU Massage, as well as Itchen College and personalised 1:2:1 and 2:2:1 sessions working on postural correction at Exclusive Rehab and Sports Performance.

My classes run on Monday lunch times and evenings, I will soon be launching a range of new classes, including Monday Orthopedic and Prenatal classes. They consist of exercises focusing on correcting posture, building core strength and helping you progress towards optimal musculoskeletal function. Having completed my Pilates with small equipment workshop in August, I integrate a variety of equipment including resistant bands, pilates rings, foam rollers and a variety of balls to keep the classes fun, progressive and challenging

nutritional adviceNutritional Advice in Southampton

My other passion is nutrition, having suffered with various dietary illnesses in my adulthood I wanted to become more aware of the science behind our digestive system and food itself. In 2012 I established a blog about my life gluten free, this was before I had any nutrition knowledge and was merely a means of expressing my thoughts and feelings, as well as sharing my recipes. My support grew across social media over the following years as likeminded people across the world could relate to me. I published my first eBook in August 2014. As this book was a success I released a festive edition that Christmas featuring gluten and dairy alternatives to the classic festive recipes. In June 2015 my health took a turn and I was referred to a dietician for further testing, it was then that I was introduced to the concept of FODMAPs. That December I published two more books this time featuring FODMAP friendly recipes that were also gluten and dairy free. In February 2016 I decided I wanted to discover more about nutrition so I enrolled in the School of Nutrition with Future Fit Training. I completed my Level 3 Advanced Nutrition and Weight Management Diploma in March 2018 qualifying as a Specialist Nutrition Advisor.

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In my profession as a Nutrition Advisor I aim to provide sound nutrition advice and counselling to clients wishing to live healthier and manage their weight. I have experience working with clients on 8 week weight management programmes and helping amateur athletes improve their sport performance through nutritional strategies. These principles are safe, sustainable and effective. I also have knowledge in pre- and post- natal nutrition and childhood nutrition and obesity prevention. I hope to inspire and motivate everyone to lead a healthier life, and help you to look and feel your best.


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