How Would You Like to Have Your Baby With a Minimum of Pain and Discomfort with just ONE SESSION of Hypnotherapy? THIS TREATMENT MAY NOT BE AVAILABLE AT THE MOMENT PLEASE CALL TO INQUIRE 02380 639747

Antenatal hypnotherapy with MeTime Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy in Preparation for Labour and Childbirth is now Available in Southampton

How would you like to have your baby with a minimum of pain and discomfort? With just ONE SESSION of Hypnotherapy during your 3rd Trimester, you can learn how to ‘let go’ and be calm and relaxed during labour and childbirth.

Marion Harvey, Dip.hsoh from Me time Hypnotherapy offers ‘Comfortable Childbirth Hypnotherapy’ sessions at YOU Massage Therapy, Southampton, which can change the way you deal with contractions, thinking of them as beingAntenatal hypnotherapy with MeTime Hypnotherapy pleasant rather than painful. A lot of women have reported that, by the third or fourth contraction, they were actually smiling or even laughing! The ideal time for this one session is at any time during the third trimester (from 6 months pregnant).

During your hypnotherapy session with Marion, whether you take part in a group or a one-to-one session, you will be helped to feel settled and comfortable, then slowly and gently guidedinto the very safe, natural and relaxed state of hypnosis. Comfortable Childbirth Hypnotherapy at YOU Massage SouthamptonOnce you have become completely relaxed, the subconscious part of your mind will be able to take on board all the positive suggestions given by Marion and you will be able to use these to good effect during labour and the birth of your baby.

You will be issued with a complimentary MP3 or CD recording to play at home as often as you like to reinforce the therapy.

Marion Harvey (Dip.hsoh) is a qualified (GQHP) and registered (GHR) Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner at YOU Massage Therapy Southampton. Marion is currently offering her ‘Comfortable Childbirth Hypnotherapy’ sessions (individual and group) at fantastic discounted rates for a LIMITED TIME ONLY:

20% off until 29th April 2018  –  £20 per person for a group session     £32 for a one-to-one session

(Normal price – £25 per person for a group session     £40 for a one-to-one session)

You can Book Online or give us a call on 02380 639747 0r 01983 629436

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