Meet Ed – Osteopath and Sports Massage Therapist

Ed Osteopath Southampton

We would like to welcome Ed to the team of YOU Massage and Therapy Centre.

Whether you’re an office worker or a sports person, Ed’s treatment can help you! Working across London and the South, he has gained valuable experience in treating treating a wide variety of patients, such as the homeless, chronically ill, pregnant women, the elderly and children. Furthermore he is also a fully qualified personal trainer, dry needling therapist and sports massage therapist to complement and enhance his treatment approach.

The style of treatment Ed provides has a proven track record of its effectiveness. He utilises a broad range of structural techniques such as specific joint manipulation and mobilisation, soft tissue therapy, muscle energy stretching, myofascial release, counterstain, trigger point release and dry needling. All treatments are based on suitability and the individual preference. Ed also provides helpful hints and tips on managing your symptoms day to day, this could include lifestyle advice, stretching techniques and specific rehab exercises. Ed will also focus on long term strategies to help prevent re-occurrence of your symptoms.

Ed’s interest in the human body started after suffering from poor health and relying on pharmaceutical medication for a number of years, this developed into a passion for holistic and alternative medicine. He then decided to pursue a career in what he had learnt and completed his masters degree at The University College of Osteopathy in London; Europes largest osteopathic clinic. He now helps others realise their potential in restoring their health.


Treatments Ed will provide are Osteopathy and Sports Therapy. Book Online your treatment with Ed today, or call our reception team on 02380 639747.

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