Introducing Intuitive Deep Tissue Massage Therapist – Dessy

Hi!  I am Dessy – massage therapist from Eastern Europe.

I graduated as a massage therapist in 1997 and immediately I had started work as a masseur at my home city in a big leisure centre.

There I practised classical, holistic and deep tissue massage. Also I carried out sports massage to the clients of the fitness hall and the sports centre.

My interest in massage and learning of new techniques lead me on to Japan,  where I’ve stayed for 6 years. That time I had the chance to study about zen as a philosophy, as a lifestyle, as a massage therapist also I learnt a lot about Reiki healing and Japanese culture and language.

Originally massage was invented in Asia. From an ancient time, Asian’s developed a method to calm and cure the human body. Smoothing, rubbing, vibrating, twisting, pressing the soft tissues of the body, executed in a certain way, is massage!

I loved to learn the Eastern approach to massage. The Eastern and the Western massage approach are very different.

In the West we may take out medical insurance that we pay for whilst we are healthy,  so that if we become unhealthy we will receive the best treatment money can buy in order to restore our health. Eastern philosophy will see you paying for treatment instead, whilst you are healthy in order to remain healthy – it is essential maintenance.

The conventional Western view of massage would explain it in physiological terms as the manipulation of soft tissue and the mobilisation of joints.

However in the East it is considered to comprise of so much more. Apart from just feeling amazing afterwards, the massage also aims to stimulate the internal organs of the body via the reflex points. Reflexology points are specific points on the foot that correspond to an internal organ. The massage also works along the energy (sen)  lines of the feet and lower legs to balance and harmonise the flow of energy around the body. Sen lines are invisible channel that allow energy to flow throughout the body. The stimulation of the internal organs and the energy lines is intended to facilitate the body’s normal functions and by doing so the body remains healthy.

In Japan, many ages ago Japanese discovered a unique massage style called, Shiatsu, It is a power of touch to relieve aches and pains and helps relax both the body and the mind. Stimulating of some specific points along the sen lines with a thumb pressure release blocked areas and sections and therefore release the energies: the lymph starts to move, blood circulation accelerates the meridians on which energy flows.

From centuries ago the Japanese messengers who walked a lot of miles when they get tired they stimulate a trigger point with a wooden stick.So the fatigue quick went away and they kept going on till they bring the news.

The massage you receive from me will be intuitive and can be either energising or relaxing – balancing the body and mind….

Isn’t it just the best way to end the hard working day with tailored massage of full body with a suitable oil? Rubbing of a tired soles and balancing the energy by stimulating of a trigger points and Reflexology…

Clear your mind of negative thoughts and emotions through tender head and shoulder massage…

Me, as a professional therapist, with a lot of experience. my style of combining the East and West massage techniques in one which is my style, named Dessy’s therapy and is unique.

The massage I make is specified to the individual’s needs at that moment. I look forward to meeting you soon.

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