Introducing Master of Reiki: Jane

Hello, I thought I would introduce myself so you would know a little more about me and my Therapies and how I became a Therapist.

My name is Jane and I was very fortunate to have been around Healing Energy from a very young age. This background gave me the passion and inspiration to delve into how Healing Energy Therapies work and I have been lucky enough to make this my life time’s work.

The journey has taken me far and wide and to some very unusual places; America with the Native Americans to look at their healing which I learnt and to New Zealand to learn all about the Maori Healing which I studied for a year whilst living there. I was lucky enough to be taught by a true blooded Maori and I was welcomed into the Maori Tribe and given a Waterfall blessing!

Healing is very close to my heart and I have many Accredited Healing Therapies under my belt and I am able to teach many of these. I have learnt that there are many benefits to receiving a Healing Therapy and having a compassionate nature means I will always draw on my experience to deliver the best Healing session I can for my clients. The best reward of all for a Therapist is to see her client contented and happy after a treatment.

I am a fully trained Reiki Master Teacher and Therapist and I’m affiliated to the Reiki Guild.

Reiki is the most well known and loved Healing Therapy because it is suitable for everyone and has been in existence and tried and tested for a very long period of time. It originated in Japan and the main benefits of this treatment is the ability to calm, balance, restore and rid the body of toxins. You may be surprised to know our bodies already have a remarkable innate ability to heal themselves and Reiki Energy activates this natural way of healing.

Reiki is unique because the healing energy flows to exactly where it is needed passing through every organ, the endocrine system and aiding the Immune system. As an additional benefit the healing continues its magic for 4 days after the healing session has finished – how clever is that!

You remain fully clothed for this treatment and the gentle hand positions used by the Therapist bring about a sense of well-being, peacefulness and relaxation. It is exceptionally good for the stillness of the mind and brings a sense of clarity back to your thinking to be able to think more positively and effectively. It helps with any illnesses, stress, anxiety, depression, pain, emotional upset and broken bones to mention just a few. It is an amazing complimentary therapy to accompany any conventional medicine and works on the physical, mental and emotional states all at the same time. The holistic Treatment of Reiki is a beautiful Energy Therapy that makes the recipient feel more whole and complete.

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