Posture Assessment


We’re all guilty of keeping poor posture. In today’s world we all slouch in our chairs or when driving cars, we all look down at our phones, we all bend, reach for and lift things, we all lean forward to look at screens and watch TV, we all cross our legs when seated – just a few common tendencies that over time can create poor posture.

We are culturally aware that these tendencies can lead to poor posture, but perhaps we don’t know how to fix it or are just quite happily accepting that this is a consequence of modern-day life?

We work in jobs and live lives that encourage poor posture, we then take the money we’ve earned to pay for treatments to fix our muscular tension, we feel better so we seek out leisure activities like going to the gym and spend our days off pursuing hobbies, doing exercise and sports, poor posture creeps back in again, and we compound our bodies with more work, and more exercise, in this infinite cycle, progressively getting worse posture that brings us more pain and tension, affects our bodies functionality, creates muscular dysfunction and skeletal imbalance.

But what if we could break that cycle? What if we could become aware of our own pathology and make a conscious decision to change?

I expect we would become healthier, more aware, more ‘well’.

It all starts with awareness.

Awareness that we have we may have postural issues, awareness that those postural issues cause muscular tension and perhaps pain, awareness of how our posture is formed through everyday activities.

Awareness can lead to change.

In an effort to create awareness, our Osteopaths can offer a comprehensive Postural Assessments at You Massage Therapy, in which you will not just find out how you measure up, and if indeed your posture is dysfunctional along with knowing what good posture actually is.

These assessments are designed to be combined with a Clinical Remedial Massage Treatment, for a more enhanced roadmap in massage treatment strategy.

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