Energy Healing and Tarot Reading with Dominic

Energy Healing: Crystal and Reiki Healing, Oracle and Tarot Readings Southampton

We are delighted to announce that the newest member of our team, Dominic, is opening a selection of spiritual healing treatments at YOU Massage Southampton.

We are dedicated to Holistic Healthcare, which involves balancing the ‘whole’ of YOU, your mind, body and spirit, to arrive at a space of peace and wholeness.

We feel that it’s so important that we take care of our spiritual needs in order to thrive in our ever changing world.

Dominic is intuitive, passionate and dedicated to this path of healing. We are excited to invite you to try his treatments

Dominic’s Readings are priced at £60 for 60 minutes


“Dominic’s tarot readings are always really accurate. He has a lot of natural insight during readings and channels excellent messages. He is more detailed than other tarot readers I’ve tried and is honest in his delivery of the message.

“His readings always give me great guidance and allow me to be able to work through whatever issue I am having at the time. I would highly recommend as one of the best I have ever experienced. Now, I would not go to anyone else for a reading”

“Just had my session with Dom. It was lovely. Beautifully positive and told me lots of things I wanted to hear to confirm decisions I have been making. Brilliant session overall with lovely meaning, very introspective and insightful. It was well balanced and unassuming.”

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Angel Oracle Card and Tarot Card Readings Southampton

I usually use both Oracle Cards and Tarot Cards for a reading; however, I can use just one or the other depending on your preference

Oracle Card Readings

Angel Oracle Cards are very helpful when you need advice, and they show you what is best to focus on at any given time.

I use the Doreen Virtue Angel Oracle Cards.  You can choose the pack that you are drawn to.

Tarot Card Readings

After benefiting from having Tarot Card Readings done for me at times of great change or crossroads in my life, I decided to learn how to help others with Tarot Readings.

I studied Tarot Card Readings with Donna Maxine White from 2007-2009.

What is Tarot Card Reading?

Tarot readings are a great way to explore plans or to look at options to find the best pathway for you.

The cards I use are the Rider Waite Radiant Deck.  I use these because I love the bright colours.

Crystal Reiki Healing

I combine the healing power of crystals with traditional Usui Reiki to provide a unique healing experience.

What is Crystal Reiki Healing?

In a similar way to plugging a phone in to electricity, Reiki and Crystals may boost our immune systems and can seem to have natural healing ability and leave us feeling recharged.

During a treatment the client remains clothed.  Laying on a couch they are covered with a blanket.  Crystals are then placed on and around the body – in line with the chakras.  Reiki is then transmitted through the crystals, combining the energy – with great effect.

Reiki Healing

After benefiting from having Reiki healing myself, I decided to learn Reiki with my teacher Anna Knight.  She attuned me to the Usui Reiki level 1 in 2007.  I spent a year practising healing on myself and family and friends before completing level 2 in 2008. I then started offering Reiki healing to my clients.  In 2012 I completed level 3 and became a Reiki Master – Teacher.

Reiki is a wonderful energy healing for mind body and soul.  Clients often experience instant relaxation, pain relief and regeneration – Reiki connects with your body’s natural healing ability – which can speed up recovery time.

Reiki is fantastic for clearing your thoughts and giving you space to reset your mind and body.

Read more about the Reiki we offer at our Southampton Studio >

Crystal Healing

Having been drawn to crystals since childhood I naturally found my way to learning about them and the healing powers they possess.

Crystals resonate with our energy field bringing balance, harmony, and peace as well as relaxation and a feeling of calmness.

Book in for a Spiritual Healing Session in Southampton

If you feel called to experience a Spiritual Healing treatment, then you will benefit from booking in to see intuitive, experienced healer, Dominic

Benefits of Spiritual Healing:

  • Gain more insight and guidance
  • Feel more Clarity in decision making
  • Learn more about yourself
  • Spend time overcoming your current problems
  • Relax your nervous system
  • Spend time with this intuitive healer
  • Feel like you are able to move forward

Remote Readings and Healings are also available

Book online now, or call us on 02380 639747 to book a reading, healing or taster treatment today

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