Reflexology for Anxiety – to reduce symptoms and Insomnia

anxiety treatment southampton

anxiety treatment southampton

Introducing: ‘Anxiety Reduction Reflexology’


Hi! My name is Dessy, I am a very experienced Holistic therapist from Bulgaria in Eastern Europe. I have been working at the YOU Massage & Therapy Centre for several years and I just love to help people feel balanced and well with my various treatments and packages, such as ‘Oriental Massage’ and ‘Bamboo Deep Tissue’.


I help people in many ways, but I am particularly gifted in helping to manage both anxiety and insomnia; often people are suffering from both, or one or the other, at some stage, or ongoing, in their lives.


I’d like to explain how…

So, as you can imagine, over the many years I have practiced I have seen so many people become so relaxed that they fall asleep during my treatments. Even after or during deep tissue massage, which I perform with a firm, hard pressure…many people still fall asleep.


Most of the people who have a nap on the couch describe feelings of bliss and serenity during my treatments, which I am always so happy to here and I have worked hard to create even more blissful treatments and delved deeper into making them so much more relaxing, on many levels.


Every day, at least 1 of my 5 clients has a nap! And I feel guilty to wake them up sometimes! Seriously. People don’t take enough time out for themselves and by the time they get to me, they are really in need, I wish they could lay there all day!


My colleagues began joking that I have magical hands, when I tell them, which puts you to sleep like a Wizard. So many of my fellow massage therapists love to come and see me for treatments, and often they doze too!


Well, I have given it some thought, and I don’t I don’t think I am a wizard…


Let me tell you the secret….it’s all about the feet!


I just massage your feet very well!


We don’t realise how important our feet are for our wellbeing…


They keep our weight and balance, these things that are so small comparing to our body, they are so strong and work so hard!


There is a Chinese saying: ‘The foot is our second heart’

Eastern medicine believes all the inner organs and body parts have a shiatsu point, which connects to the zen, energy, line on foot which stimulating gives us balance and relief to our whole body.


So, working on them works on your whole body and inner organs. Fantastic, isn’t it?


It’s true, and by stimulating the nervous system in this way, it generates a response of rest, digest and repair, turning off anxiety, making you feel safe, and allowing you to sleep, on my table, and beyond…


Trust me and let me take you to your journey to better sleep and less anxiety


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