Meet Layla: NEW Massage Therapist

Hello everyone, my name is Layla and I am new to YOU Massage. I have been welcoming people on to my massage couch for 6 years. I started my massage journey in Brighton and have had the honour of working alongside people from all walks of life. I pride myself on creating a safe and held space for my clients to enable them to totally relax into the massage treatment.

My speciality lies in Swedish holistic massage which is what I’ve honed my skills with. I love this style of massage as it grew from many traditions from around the world which have been amalgamated into the massage standard we know and love today; so you may detect some Asian style inflections in some of my treatments, some amazing stretches  – depending of course on what you want and need on the day.
My favourite treatment, I have to say is full body massages, which with me can include the abdomen & face. As well as being incredibly blissful these massages are hugely beneficial to the whole body system – the abdominal massage is detoxifying, cleansing and mood boosting, working with the direction of digestion to aid the flow of the natural rhythms of the body. 
I could go on forever about massage and the different effects and benefits regular treatment may provide. So to end my introduction I will say that holistic massage is a fantastic way of working out tired muscles, improving energy flow and maintains you and your well-being. I look forward to meeting you!

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