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Massage Aftercare

After any Massage Treatment it’s important to drink plenty water throughout the day and night as this encourages your body to dispose of any toxins that may have been released from tight muscles. Also, try and refrain from doing any heavy lifting or too much exercise as your muscles will need to heal and reform after tension has been broken down.

We will always give you personalised Aftercare and Advice, this will normally include some Stretches you can add to your daily routine for long term releif from tension. We may give a little life-style guidance if we pick up on any other influences to your tension, although this is never done in an imposing manner. Aftercare is given as advice that should be taken seriously by you.


If you frequently suffer from muscular tension, it may be for one of several reasons:


Old Tension

Often as a result of injury or repeated poor posture knots can manifest deep within the muscle and can cause continuous or frequent bouts of pain. This particular breed takes a little extra work to relieve, but it can be done! After seeing you once, the likelihood is we would have been able to break up what we refer to as 'suface tension' but there may be a deeper problem for which we would recommend some Deep Tissue Massage.Postural Assessment and Advice can also play a key part in keeping muscular tension at bay, click the link for more information.


Day-to-day Stress

Stress can effect our health in many different ways, pain from hunching our shoulders, increased headaches from frowning or lack of sleep, as well as fatigue and often with digestive discomfort or skin complaints. Aromatherapy is really effective at easing stress and its symptons, and can be used at home, you can pick up a Personalised Aromatherapy Blend for as little as £3.50 at our Southampton Massage Studio! Sometimes just little changes in your life can make a big difference to how you deal with stress, we will often offer advice on how to make time for yourself and let go of stress, sleep better and deal with problems in an effective manner if appropriate. What's most important is that you give yourself permission to relax from time to time, Contact Us to book your precious 'Me-Time' today.



Very occaisionally, during treatment, it may come to our attention that you could be suffering from a partiular illness or allergic reaction, or you may be aware of an ailment already. If we are qualified to do so we may advise you on the most appropriate course of action or suggest further treatments, or suggest you see a doctor prior to your Holistic Treatment.



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