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Complementary Therapy

Holistic massage, reflexology, and aromatherapy are a few types of complementary therapies; complementary therapies are called such, because they are a great accompaniment to other types of modern western medicine. The roots of complementary therapy stretch right back to ancient Egypt and ancient China and have been developed into their modern incarnations. But they have always been used to heal and relax people, especially in modern times when stresses and pressures are high; the credit crunch has meant people are working harder and money is more valuable than ever. So it’s become more important for people’s general well-being that they take time for themselves to address tension and balance of mind and body.


Complementary therapies can help enhance the immune system, improve blood circulation, and boost oxygen flow to extremities and muscles. The benefits are well publicised but the aim is to restore balance or equilibrium within the patient; balance in terms of spiritual, physical, emotional and mental stability.


Complementary therapies are safe and soothing way to address a number of issues whether physical or emotional. But rather than treating the problem in a specific way they address the person as a whole entity composed of multiple facets. Treatment of physical problems can be engaged in a number of ways using various techniques such as lymphatic drainage, disbursement of lactic acid build up, or diffuse tangled concentrations of muscles fibres.


The use of essential oils, mixed according to the premise of the treatment can be massaged into the skin, while applying specific force to acupressure points throughout the body. Roughly half of UK based GP’s provide a degree of access to these types of treatments. According to some statistics demand for Complementary therapies has risen by about 30% in the last 10 years in the UK. Almost one third of British people have had at least one type of holistic treatment at some point in their life. In fact around 1 in 3 local health authorities in Britain today provide access to types of holistic or Complementary therapies.


These statistics reflect the growing acceptance of Holistic and Complementary therapies in the modern Western world. Of course views in the Far East have been firmly on the side of certain alternative medicines for thousands of years, with techniques like acupuncture and traditional Chinese massage originating from thousands of years ago.


These non-pharmaceutical, non-prescriptive and less-invasive therapies, that do not rely constantly on drugs and chemicals which can have dramatic and devastating side effects. In an age of multi-national corporate pharmaceutical manufacturers and capitalist billionaire drug tycoons, that seek profit rather than to actually heal; it is good to see that people still have faith in their ability to heal themselves and keep minds open.


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