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Deep Tissue Massage Techniques

Southampton Deep Tissue Massage is a broad search term.... But how many other Therapists use such a wealth of Massage Techniques as the YOU Massage Therapy Deep Tissue Massage Therapists?! We've looked and, we are very proud to say; the answer is very few! And none of them offer such a wealth of experience and variety for a comfortable and effective Deep Tissue or Sports Massage techniques as at our calm Southampton Massage Studio!


Deep Tissue Massage Techniques Applied

Swedish Massage to Warm the Muscles

Aromatherapy (Warm Oils)

Surface Tissue Exploration

Cross Fibral-Frictions

Muscle movement and Mobilisation

Myofascial Release

Trigger Point Vibration

Neuromuscular Technique

Lymphatic Drainage to disperse Tension

Palm Frictions to bring blood through the muscle


Soft Tissue Release

Muscle Energy Techniques

Sports Massage Stretches

Thai Massage Stretches

Pumping Motions to Stimulate Circulation

No-Hands Massage for Deeper Penetration

Slow, Effluerage to soothe and calm


These Techniques will be combined uniquely for you, depedning on your tension and posture, and any musculo-skeletal conditions you may have. Pressure is variable, we will always check that you are comfortable throughout your Deep Tissue Massage Treatment; only using firmer and more uncomfortable techniques where necessary and soothing and draining these areas afterwards so you have minimal discomfort post-treatment.


The most effective techniques, the perfect environment to treat you in and the most caring therapists at YOU Massage Therapy, Bedford Place, Southampton. Contact Us or call 02380 639 747 to book.


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