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Holistic Therapies continued

Touch is the cornerstone of holistic massage therapy as it allows the holistic therapist the opportunity to use both science and art in their practice. Practitioners know through training the specific techniques for massage but they also use their senses (primarily touch) in order to determine the correct amount of pressure to apply to an individual and to locate areas of greater tension and other problems arising from lymphatic circulation or tissue damage. Touch also communicates a strong sense of empathy or compassion, an intrinsic factor in the healing relationship between practitioner and patient. Often the Holistic therapist’s hands can feel hot during and after treatment where energy is moved around and problem areas identified.


There is in fact quite strong science behind the modern holistic therapist and holistic therapy in general. For example an understanding of the lymphatic system in the body is required for manual lymphatic drainage;

The Lymphatic system is a network of channels that carry a mostly clear liquid called “lymph”. It also includes the lymphoid tissue and lymphatic vessels through which the lymph moves or flows in a single direction system; in which the lymph only flows toward the heart organ. Lymphoid tissue is also found in other organs, such as the lymph nodes, and in the lymphoid follicles linked to the digestive system, like the tonsils. The Lymphatic system also includes all the infrastructure devoted to the circulation and generation of lymphocytes, this includes the spleen, thymus, bone marrow and the lymphoid tissue associated with the digestive system. Olaus Rudbeck and Thomas Bartholin were the two scientists to develop our understanding of the lymphatic system as it stands in modern times.


Additionally much more knowledge is required to be an effective Holistic Therapist in modern times, understanding the way lactic acid accumulates in the muscles, which can cause stiffness and pain; Also holistic massage improves the circulation of blood, a good holistic therapist will massage to the natural rhythm of your breathing... Helping with, and working in perfect alignment with, your entire cardiovascular system, the therapist understands and feels their way through the topology of the patient’s body. It is through this educated process of knowledge and physical feedback that a practitioner is able to improve both wellbeing and balance of an individual.


Although we touch on this in another section of the massage Southampton website, Reflexology is another classic holistic treatment used to help the whole body which requires a significant amount of both knowledge and real time feedback from a patient. Each area of the foot is divided into sections which correspond to other areas of the body. Tension may manifest through hard or swollen areas on the foot, using specific techniques to disperse this tension, or build up helps to diffuse the problems in other bodily areas.


YOU Massage Therapy offers a number of treatments through the massage Southampton website, this holistic treatment list is regularly updated with new holistic therapies offered and new discounts for them. All treatments are performed by a qualified Holistic Therapist in a relaxing and professional environment.

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