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YOU Massage Southampton Prices

Our Prices are among the best value in Southampton for the highest quality of Therapy. We have made our pricing simple, all treatments in 45 min blocks are £40 for most massage, £45 for Clinical Therapy...

YOU Massage southampton

£45 + £2 PPE + £10 Initial Consult

Expert Clinical Massage, Osteopathy & Acupuncture to Remedy Pain and Tension; firm and accurate with extensive treatment plans

YOU Massage southampton

Tailored to suit your needs, massage & treatments for a healthy and balanced mind, body and soul, provided by amazing therapists

All Treatments & Services for you

We offer 2 main types of Therapy: 'Remedial' - to remedy pain, and 'Holistic' - to balance stresses

New Client Consultation will be emailed to you to complete before your first appointment. When seeing a Clinical Therapist for the first time, there is a £10 Initial Appointment Fee

Remedial Therapy

£40-£45 for 45 min / £65 for 75 min* / £80 for 90 min* + £2 PPE

* Longer treatment duration for selected therapists and treatments only. Prices may vary by therapist.

Sports Massage
£40 + £2 PPE for 45 min
£45 + £2 PPE Clinical Therapist

Expert Therapy that promotes faster recovery and maintains a healthy musculoskeletal system. Some of our practitioners are as highly qualified as they come in, known as Clinical Therapists, their expert approach costs just £5 more per session, plus £10 more for the initial consultation which is through, expansive and inclues a treatment plan and home care.

Deep Tissue Massage
£40 + £2 PPE for 45 min
£65 + £2 PPE for 75 min
£80 + £2 PPE for 90 min
£45 + £2 PPE Clinical Therapist

Penetrates deep layers of tissue, to reach and relieve tension, reduce pain, poor posture or restricted mobility. Firm and Acurate therapy, our signature and most popular treatment,

£45 + £2 for PPE
£55 + £2 PPE First Session

The emphasis is on the ability of the human body to self-repair, paying attention to obstructions, alignment and overall health. Extensive therapy, advice and diagnosis to treat old patterns, a range of health concerns as well as new injuries

Clinical Massage
£45 + £2 PPE for 45 min
£55 + £2 PPE for Initial Consultation

Pro-active therapy offered by a senior qualified Clinical and Remedial Therapist with many years of experiecne and many tools in their box

Acupuncture & TCM
£45 + £2 for PPE
£55 + £2 PPE First Session

Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture applies ancient methods and needles for healing and balance within.

Hot Stone Massage
£45 + £2 PPE for 45 min

The depth of the warmth of heated basalt stones penetrates tension and restores blood flow in this indulgent remedial therapy


Holistic Therapy | £40 for 45 min / £65 for 75 min* / £80 for 90 min* + £2 PPE

Longer treatment duration for selected therapists and treatments only. Prices may vary by therapist.

Holistic Massage
£40 + £2 PPE for 45 min
£65 + £2 PPE for 75 min
£80 + £2 PPE for 90 min

Tailored treatment time with a 'whole-istic' approach to your health, wellbeing and relaxation, inclusive of Aromatherapy

Pregnancy Massage
£40 + £2 PPE for 45 min
£45 + £2 PPE Senior Therapistn

Professional, perfectly tailored and indulgent, reduce pregnancy pain and discomfort, treat yourself for a harmonious 2nd and 3rd trimester and pre/post labour. Our Senior Therapist also offers labour induction therapy

Lymph Drainage
£40 + £2 PPE for 45 min
£45 + £2 PPE Clinical Therapist

Light, rythmic Massage to aid the flow of the body’s waste disposal system. Reduces swelling, oedema, post surgical inflammation, bloating and sluggishness, can boost immunity

£40 + £2 PPE for 45 min
£45 + £2 PPE Senior Therapist

Deeply relaxing and balancing, put your feet up as we map your body to your feet to encourage healing throughout. Our practitioners are highly experienced in the art of Reflexology.

Reiki / Energy Healing
£40 + £2 PPE for 45 min

Allow yourself to heal when peaceful, energy is allowed to flow naturally and channled by attuned therapists, creating a deep sense of rejuvenation, comfort and positivity

Couple's Packages
from £50 + £2 PPE per person

Our Couple's Indulgence Package and Couple's Massage Workshops are available for you and your loved one to share the healing journey. Indulge in a ritual treatment in the same room or learn from the best in a tailored workshop


Price saving for loyal clients

We always strive to keep our treatments affordable so you can visit us regularly for your optimum health. We offer 10% treatment value back for Treat-card holders (buy 10 get one free) and 20% treatment value back when you buy a course of therapy * (buy 5, pay up front, get 1 free) we also have a Special Offers section available on our Online Booking platform, click here to take a look >


Affordable. Effective. Indulgent. Accessible

YOU Massage is a beautiful, secluded therapy centre located in Bedford Place, Southampton, we specialise in uniting YOU with experienced, highly qualified therapists. We are here to help you recover from pain and stress, to teach you ways to be strong and healthy and indulge you in relaxation 7 days a week. From remedial therapies, to find remedy to a problem or pain, to holistic therapies, which are designed to look at each individual as a whole - every treatment is tailored for YOU.

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