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Swedish Massage Southampton

A search on the internet or in Google for "Swedish Massage Southampton" will deliver a lot of results, but our Massage is tailored to your individual needs, Swedish is just the beginning when you book our Holistic Massage treatments. See how we differ from the others below:

What We Offer

The Massage Southampton's Studio welcomes a lot of everyday men and women like yourselves who find it difficult to make time to just relax, turn the world off for a minute, and fit in that all important 'Me-Time'. Swedish Massage is the perfect beginning for this moment, offering relief from stress and tension, without the deeper muscular penetration commonly associated with Deep Tissue Massage. Swedish Massage is available as part of our Holistic Massage and offers just one of many effective technqoues used in this wonderful treatment.


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About The Treatment

The Swedish Massage we offer in our Southampton Massage studio if offered as part of a Holistic Massagee; combines beautiful, long, slow strokes with the perfect pressure to gentley stimulate the flow of blood and lymph just below the skin to harmonise the body. Once the Muscles are warmed, the Swedish Massage Therapist may knead out tense areas, stretch tight muslces and work each area full, top-to-toe, so you feel just perfectly pampered!

Swedish Massage was first invented by Henrik Ling and has a rich history; There is detailed information regarding Swedish Massage in the Information section of the Massage Southampton website.

Benefits of Swedish Massage

Some of the Swedish Massage Techniqes can be found here:

  • Effleurage: smooth strokes using the palms, thumbs and fingers
  • Petrissage: Kneading movements using the hands, thumbs and fingertips
  • Friction: cyclic movements and pressures with the palms of hands, thumbs and fingertips
  • Vibration: Oscillating movements that shake or vibrate the muscles and bones in a soothing manor
  • Percussion: vigorous chopping or tapping

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