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The Holistic Therapist

A Holistic Therapist should first and foremost be qualified; there are various qualifications and routes to being qualified available to someone perusing a career in holistic therapy, we chose to study full time for one year to gain my VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Holistic Therapies in 2003/04, there are also many varying courses you can take to learn further holistic therapies and widen your repertoire.

Yet there is more to complementary medicine than just a certificate of competence; indeed in the first instance there should be a desire to help and heal people. This underpins the philosophy of holistic therapy, its conception stems from ancient times when it was used to heal. You should also be prepared to learn something from each person that visits you, although you may not know the exact best way to treat unusual conditions it's important to have the right material on hand to refer to as well as a good knowledge in the anaotmy and philosophy of a person.


More still though a holistic therapist should be friendly, polite and put people at ease; given that one of the main reasons for a massage is to relax it seems vital to the process that you are relaxed in the presence of the therapist. Therapies usually begin with a consultation, during this time the therapist should be a good listener, intuitive and able to get important information from the patient without making them uncomfortable.


During the massage the therapist should again demonstrate intuition when feeling his or her over the muscular structure of the patient; feeling areas of tension, or problems, and applying appropriate pressure in the correct manor. There is also an element of interpreting the patient’s movements and reactions as feedback to again determine problem areas and apply appropriate pressure and focus. we may, at times, ask you to feedback back to me how the pressure feels in areas of muscular tension, this helps me determine how old, and how stubborn, particular muscle knots are. Please also feel free if you'd prefer firmer or lighter pressure at any point during your holistic treatment.


This process takes many skills and lots of practice to hone. But the result should seem effortless, relaxing and re-balancing. A professional given holistic massage therapy should leave anyone feeling better in mind body and spirit and reassured about their general well being.


If you are unsure about what Holistic therapist to go to for a therapy, ask around and see if you can find someone who is recommended. If you cant find one that way find one with some good independent reviews and a professional environment to receive treatment in.


I believe that the proof is in the pudding and so for your piece of mind you can read for yourself on the massage Southampton website the reviews that my customers have kindly left me. Click the link to read some Reviews.


If you would like to leave us a review, we thank you in advance, please click Contact Meand fill out the form, remember to leave your name and the treatment you received. Thank you for reading this article on Massage Southampton .

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