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Why Practice Yoga at Younity Yoga Studio Southampton?

Our Younity Yoga Studio in Southampton is intimate, with space for a maximum of 8 students, so you get the Teacher's expert guidance.

Our Teachers are dedicated and have worked at the studio for some time, with a passion for teaching you the best Yoga available.

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Why Practice Yoga?

Yoga is considered to offer a range of therapeutic benefits for both the body and mind from improved posture, strength and flexibility to stress relief, improved mental health and better sleep. The Southampton Yoga Classes we run at YOUNITY, 1st floor Bedford Place are fused Yoga styles to be both Dynamic and Targeted for Alignent and Posture.

Yoga means UNITY

The name of our Southampton Yoga Studio YOUNITY shows how much we appreciate this core principle of Yoga. The body and mind are interconnected, and we can connect to both using the breath and movement. When we loosen up the body, and holding patterns, we loosen up the limiting thought structures in the mind. We also store mental and physical tensions in our bodies, trapping energy. Yoga helps to liberate this energy, by encouraging us to explore our bodies with attention to the feeling within, rather than from an external reference point. Learning to maintain a balanced and easy breath, we consciously move in and out of this tension to break it down. 

Working intuitively with our bodies in this way enables us to rediscover the natural alignment of our body and mind – often put out of place through the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Alongside the multitude of well researched physical benefits, this purification process also usually means we simply feel more comfortable 'in our own skin' and can begin to increasingly experience moments of inner stillness within.

Learning to explore our bodies intuitively with 'feeling attention' means no prior experience of Yoga postures is necessary – we start from where we are – though experienced practitioners wishing to deepen their practice are warmly welcomed and catered for.

Book a Yoga Class at YOU Massage Southampton here >


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* Please book and pay for your Yoga online or over the phone on 02380 639747. Your class is not confirmed until it is either paid for or we hold a card or course purchase as deposit; so if you wish to do so face to face, please pop in at your soonest convenience, ideally, not directly before a class. Thanks!

Once you have completed your booking process and secured your space on our mats, you are welcome to go straight up to the first floor of the studio and drop into sacred silence. Please assure you arrive 15min early if it is your first class with us so your instructor can get to know you prior to the class commencing. The bathroom is available for changing but you are encouraged to arrive Yoga ready in loose clothing as you enter the Studio.

Why visit our Yoga classes?

Searching "Yoga Classes in Southampton" brings up a great deal of choice. So what makes us different? We are dedicated to providing you with tailored, Holistic Healthcare with focus on self regulation and alignment, and our Yoga is no different. Our Southampton Yoga teachers have been practicing Yoga for some time. Rooted in their own daily practices, they are most comfortable sharing the incredible science of Yoga with others.

Our Yoga classes emphasize entering into a new relationship with our own bodies so that we can work with them more intuitively. Opening up new channels and creating new space between joints, muscles and the nervous system is key to this transformative practice.

We offer unbridled nourishment for the body and mind, usually starting with a breath practice leading into a dynamic flow of yoga postures. During most classes the energy is raised and then balanced, before gliding home into a deep relaxation and meditation phase. All classes have a dynamic approach to practice with attnetion to alignment, and modified teaching to students, offering alternative practices and poses where appropriate.

All of our Yoga classes are ideally suited to both beginners and intermediate Yoga practitioners, and for those wishing to deepen their practice.

Prior to attending a Yoga class, try to refrain from eating a heavy meal at least two hours before. Wear easy fitting and comfortable clothing.

Yoga mats and blocks will be provided, although you are enacourgaed to bring your own if you have one. Bring a bottle of water if you wish, and by all means your own cushion or blanket if you wish.

Classes are intimate, maximum 8 people so that you and the teacher can feel connected.

See YOU on the mat!

Om Shanti!

How Yoga came to the West...


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