Aromatherapy Massage Southampton Info!

Through the application and / or inhalation of Essential Oils Aromatherapy treats imbalance in the Mind, Body and Spirit. Essential oils act on the olfactory nerves which lead from the nose to the brain. All Essential oils contain antibacterial components and also may contain other natural therapeutic properties. Aromatherapy is holistic therapy for your whole being, acting on several senses at the same time to promote overall well-being, harmony and balance. Essential oils are organic and have been used for thousands of years in different forms.

We’ve over 50 Essential Oils which we will blend uniquely for you! We’ve written out lot of information on these oils for you to read if you wish, click here for more on Essential Oils and their powerfully healing properties!

We will apply Caution when blending for (but not exhaustively) these conditions:

Pregnancy, Hormonal Problems, High or Low Blood Pressure, Epilepsy, Kidney Disease, Urinary Infections, Gastric Illness, Sensitive Skin, Allergies, Sun Exposure, Migraines, Cancer, Broken Skin, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Severe Asthma.

Click here for in-depth info on Aromatherapy Contra-indications

If you’re not sure on whether an Aromatherapy Massage would be appropriate, Contact Us via the site or on 02380 639 747, you can speak to your doctor but they may not be aware on whether Aromatherapy is safe to use with your condition or not. Essential Oils are only blended by YOU Massage Therapists with an Accredited Aromatherapy Qualification.

At YOU Massage Therapy’s Southampton Massage Studio, we offer you the opportunity to enhance any of our Massage Treatments with Aromatherapy for just £3 extra! We will also happily blend a bespoke Aromatherapy Blend for you to take home with you, or why not get one for a loved one?

Enhance Sports or Deep Tissue Massage with Aromatherapy: Highly Recommended. Combine Deep Tissue Massage with Powerfully Healing Aromatherapy: Selecting the most suitable Essential Oils specifically for you to soften hard tension, offer pain relief, boost the body’s disposal of toxins and help you relax deeply and enjoy the experience, oils are applied warm for deeper penetration to the muscles.

Enhance Swedish or Holistic Massage with Aromatherapy: Recommended. Not only do the beautiful Aromas of Warm Essential oils carry you away to an indulgent paradise, when applied  they will soften and warm your muscles and bring feelings of happiness, comfort and deep relaxation and can be highly effective at reducing the effects of many common ailments.

Enhance a Lymph Drainage or Detox Massage with Aromatherapy: Recommended: Essential Oils can aid the break down of fat deposits and boost the body’s drainage by offering a mild diuretic effect.

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