The Benefits of a Pregnancy Massage

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Pregnancy is a very special time, but it does put a lot of strain on the body. As your baby grows your posture is altered tilting your body forward and tightening the muscles in the back of the legs. Which is why a good Pregnancy Massage can help to relieve the tension and stress.

Fluid can also build up in the ankles making it uncomfortable to walk and stand. Movement in the pelvis and the weight of the baby pulling you forward can cause lower back pain, whilst enlarged breasts will pull the shoulders forward causing tension in the upper back and shoulders. Add to this the tiredness caused by carrying so much extra weight and providing energy and nutrients to your growing baby and you get someone badly in need of a massage!

The girls who practice Pregnancy Massage at You Massage Therapy, Southampton are specially trained to provide massage to expectant mothers, giving them much needed relief from some the problems associated with pregnancy.

How Can a Pregnancy Massage Help?

We use Swedish style movements with pure plant oils which moisturise the skin helping to prevent stretch marks. Soothing strokes will calm and relax you allowing you to ‘let go’ physically and mentally, whilst warming kneading movements increase blood flow and soften tight muscles. Lymph drainage movements will help to reduce puffy ankles and if you have a lot of tension we can incorporate deep tissue movements to ease tight, knotted muscle fibres. One of The Benefits of a Pregnancy Massage at YOU Massage Therapy is that we tailor each treatment to your individual needs so whether you are suffering from the common pregnancy problems above or you just need some me time to relax, we can help you.

What Will Happen During The Massage

Your therapist will tailor the treatment to your particular needs, but generally we give you a full body massage. You usually start lying on your back, propped up with pillows to make you comfortable.

We begin the Pregnancy Massage with a soothing scalp massage and then move on to the upper chest. If this area feels tender we can use soft soothing strokes or miss it out altogether if you prefer. We then move onto the arms and hands followed by your ‘bump’. This is completely safe and baby often seems to enjoy it, moving towards the therapists hands. However if you would prefer to miss this area out it isn’t a problem. You will then turn onto your side, where again, we surround you with pillows so that you feel comfortable and cosy.

Then we massage one leg working over the whole leg to reduce puffiness, release tension and soothe aches, lying on your side allows us to work right up into the hip which is often an area that aches during pregnancy. This is followed by your back massage. We massage one side of your back, working into tight aching hips and lower back, soothing and reducing pain. Tight shoulders are also gently eased and calmed. You then roll onto the other side where we continue massaging your back and finish with your other leg.

Are There Any Times When Pregnancy Massage Is Not Suitable?

Massage is not recommended during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy due to the increased risk of miscarriage at this time. Although this type Massage is not known to directly cause miscarriage, it’s best to leave the body to it’s own during this delicate time. The Benefits of a Pregnancy Massage are gained after the first couple of months of pregnancy.

If you have had any problems during the pregnancy or in previous pregnancies, it is advised you to speak your midwife before having a massage for piece of mind.

There are some medical conditions when massage is not advised, click here to read more on this, or you can always Contact Us or speak to your doctor if you’re not sure, we’re always happy to advise.


Being pregnant is a miracle but for some woman this magical time can be spoilt by exhaustion, nausea and an aching body. The Benefits of a Pregnancy Massage can go a long way to relieving some of these problems to help make the experience the wonder it should be. Plus, what better excuse than to pamper yourself, you deserve a treat!

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