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Sports MassageHi my name’s Pete; I am a Sports and Remedial Massage therapist of which I obtained my diploma from the London School of Sports Massage. One of the main reasons I chose a career as a Sports Massage therapist was from massaging my friends, family and mainly my partner. They might complain of a sore back or leg and so I started to treat those areas and realised how much the massage had a good affect on their concern.


It would loosen the area, causing a greater range of movement and most importantly reduced their pain. Having also competed in many sports throughout my life and realised how tense you can become and how injuries can occur from exercise that I decided to combine the two and study a Sports and Remedial Massage diploma. Since graduating I have worked with a whole variety of clients, ranging from ex-professional runners and power lifters, to office workers and more elderly clients.

I learnt a lot on my course from my teachers, the students I studied with and practised massage on and from the amazing techniques I was taught. Sports Massage is mainly a deep tissue massage using the palms, fists, forearms, elbows, fingers and thumbs using techniques such as Effleurage, Petrissage, Friction and Tapotement. This is combined with stretching and lengthening techniques such as Soft Tissue Release and muscle Energy technique. These combined with massage are great at lengthening short, tight muscles, improving posture and putting less strain and pressure on the joints.


Sports Massage is great for active sportsmen and women who work hard on their muscles, building up lots of scar tissue and tension causing loss of movement and pain, reducing optimum performance and leading to injuries. But its not just sports people who can benefit from a Sports Massage, it can be used to help those with work related injuries, postural problems and those with chronic illnesses and conditions. If you’re athletic, it is  an Ideal aid to recovery from injury as well as helping prevent injuries, Sports Massage promotes faster recovery after competing or training and maintains a healthy musculoskeletal system by supporting not just the muscles but the ligaments, joints and tendons. Sports Massage can aid tension throughout the body caused by daily tasks, such as lifting, long drives or stooping over a computer. As its name suggests, it’s particularly beneficial for Sports men and women as a pre and/or post Sports treatment.


Although great for treating injuries, if a minor one such as a sprain or slight strain I would advise you not to receive massage treatment for at least 48 hours as this may increase swelling, inflammation and will increase the pain. If a major injury such as a grade 2 or 3 strains (muscle rupture) or broken bone massage treatment should not be received until approved by a medical professional. Those with chronic conditions should seek medical advice before having a sports massage.


Sports Massage will leave you feeling a lot looser with muscles that were tense and short now feeling long and full of fresh nutrients to increase your performance at competition or at your place of work.

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