Guest Author Lynn: Northern Style Thai Massage

“Same same but different”

As you may have read from our Monday blog post; YOU Massage Therapy is lucky to have two therapist trained in Thai Massage Southampton, one Northern style and one Southern style.  My name’s Lynn, I practice Northern style Thai Massage.  A popular saying in Thailand is “same same but different” meaning there are similarities but slight differences that make the two buy cialis mexico styles each unique in their own ways.


Back in 2010 I travelled the East to learn ancient therapies including the art of Thai massage northern style, traditionally know as “Nura bo-rarn”.

Nura Bo-Rarn Thai massage is performed on a mat which allows for many movements to be preformed that otherwise would be difficult or impossible on a table.  It is effective because it allows the therapist to use their body weight to apply greater pressure and force that creates a highly therapeutic effect.  However routines can be adapted and I have had training to enable the treatment to be done on a raised bed, as they currently are at YOU. Clients wear light weight clothing to allow for flexible movement.  The treatment itself consists of primarily pressure on energy lines and points know as “Sen Lines” and a large variety of stretches.


Northern Thai Massage is commonly referred to as “passive yoga” or “lazy man’s yoga” as the stretching affects the entire body by increasing its flexibility, releasing deep and superficial tension and the body’s natural energy flow more freely similar to that of yoga.


The Sen energy lines are similar to that of the meridians in Chinese Acupressure, however rather than following the flow associated with specific organs in Chinese acupressure and acupuncture, Sen follows the form of the body.  In Northern style the foundation begins with 10 Sen lines out of the recognised 72,000.  Pressure is applied on these lines and points using palms, thumbs, elbows and the therapist’s feet.


We currently work on the massage couch which is comfortable and supported, I will lean you into variable positions, applying pressure to stretch out your muscles and relieve tension. Pretty soon though, we will be getting a comfortable floor mat to work on so you will have the option to experience an entirely authentic Thai Massage! It’s very important to make sure you wear loose and comfortable clothing to your treatment, so it will not be restricting during the Thai Massage. There are some techniques that can be performed better on the table than on a traditional mat, I completed a course specifically in table Thai Massage with the ITM International Training School and my clients report that they feel loose, soft, revitalised and free of pain after a 1 hour session.


The Thai Massage Southampton experience is unlike most western Massage Treatments. It’s traditional to begin with a mantra which ends with “We pray for the one whom we touch, that illness will be released and happiness will follow”. Thai Massage is a truly spiritual, remedial, connective, relaxing and revitalising treatment, I think it’s wonderful and get a lot of reward out of practising it. I welcome you to book in with me on a Monday, Wednesday or Sunday for a unique and amazing experience. Each Thai Massage Treatment Southampton will be unique to YOU and tailored holistically.

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