The Magic of Reiki: by Lynn

Lynn here, YOU Massage Therapy’s newest therapist!  I am trained in various therapies from Swedish Massage to Northern Thai Massage.  However my favourite treatment of all is that of Reiki.


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Now, I know that some of you may think “what a lot of hocus-pocus whilst others can really feel the magical healing powers of the energies that surround us. This blog is about my experiences with Reiki and how I use it as an alternative or complementary therapy.

My first encounter with Reiki:


Like some of you out there I thought “hum… interesting, but really, how can this work?”  Only way to find out is giving it a go. Something sparked my interest, although I couldn’t put my finger on it…instead of booking in for a treatment I threw myself into the deep end and attended a share group of Reiki masters and Mediums (hocus-pocus, hey?) in 2006.


We begin with some meditation, good start, I begin to relax.  The leader of the group then asks who would like to have some Reiki; this quiet lady pipes up and climbs onto the couch.  A group of 4 of us gather around her and the Master turns to me and says “just go with what you feel”.  As the session progresses, I start to feel a tingling sensation in my hands and, for want of a better word, they are magically drawn to her right arm.  Every time I tried to pull away I am gently drawn back to her right arm; a very strange and yet very powerful feeling!  At the end of the Reiki session, the Master asks the lady if she had felt anything, and she responds “just very relaxed”.  The question goes out to the group and it’s me who only speaks out about my strange experience.  The lady turns to the master and says, “I broke my right arm early in the year when skiing and it is still healing!” I’m amazed at myself, I just felt a pull to the area to surround it with healing energy. Weird or what?!


From then on, I was hooked! I had to learn more.  Through my various travels and studies I was combining Japanese and Indian culture to work with the Chakras (which are considered to be the centres of human spirituality, seven of them, positioned around the body), whilst performing Reiki on a client, balancing the body, mind and spirit as I work from head to toe.


So how would I describe the feeling, the pull, the sensation that guides me during a Reiki Massage? During most treatments, I see specific colours; whether this be in the form of a flower or an item of clothing that pops into my head, the colour is what’s unique. After a Reiki Treatment with me, I will discuss with you the colours I have seen or the energies I have felt and most will be able to relate.  Most recently whilst performing Reiki on a regular client, the colour blue channelled strongly, blue relating to the throat chakra, the healing energies were directed to this area during the treatment and she informed me afterwards how she had taken up singing again after a few years and she was feeling the strain in her throat.


So how will you feel during a Reiki session? Many clients experience a warming sensation, or thought my hands where whooshing around their stomach when I am in fact at their feet grounding them.  Some feel nothing at all but, always, very relaxed.  Booking a Reiki session is giving yourself permission to relax and a good Reiki practitioner will be very capable in helping you do so, particularly, as is very popular, if you enhance your treatment with Aromatherapy, Guided Meditation or Massage.


Now I wouldn’t say I was clairvoyant but my most unusual experience was whilst working on a Reiki Master (someone who’s completed years of training and hours of Reiki practice). An image of a white cottage with a grey slated roof came to mind, and it was as though I was watching it from above.  I discussed this beautiful image with this gentleman and he apparently sees this cottage everyday outside his kitchen window! How strange, not sure what it means!  He then gave me a Reiki Massage and, I kid you not, he was able to describe the image I used to think back to during medical treatments when I was a child, of a red fox running across my grandparents’ gravelled drive in the snow. It’s these shared and unique experiences that make Reiki so magical to me, and, as I say at the beginning, you will never know unless you try…


The real magic of Reiki, for my clients and I, are the various benefits it brings to both healer and the one who is being healed.  Whether the client feels a strange sensation of heat or tingling or nothing at all they do leave feeling deep relaxation and clarity, it helps many people digest their thoughts, let go of trauma and allow calm for the body to heal.


I gave a Reiki Massage to our Head Therapist, Amy “I could feel whirling motions from my chest to my abdomen like someone was slowly moving a fan over my person, I had a sneak peak and Lynn just had her hands held over my chest, she said she was drawn to my pectoral area, I do get an incredible amount of tightness there! I also felt as relaxed afterwards as I have done with Massage, only without the worked on feeling in my muscles, just very relaxed, I was pleased, being a sceptic and a scientist, that a Reiki Massage is an effective and non invasive Holistic Treatment, I’m very pleased that we can now offer Reiki Southampton to our clients!” So why not give the power of Reiki ago and book an appointment today! Suitable for everyone, even if you are undergoing treatment, we can help you relax and your body and mind heal. Any questions? Drop us an email using the contact me form or give us a call any time. Reiki appointments are currently available on Monday and Wednesday evening and on Sundays.


See you soon,



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