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Hot Stones Massage using chakras: How they do it in Thailand

In Thailand it is important to begin each treatment with “Wi Kru”, a prayer to thank the teacher and warm the heart.

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When performing a hot stones massage inThailand, like in Indian Head Massage and Thai Massage, the therapist also works with the chakras to enhance the treatments.  The concept of the chakras originates from India and the theory behind the chakras is that the energy of life in the human body flows up and down two lines.  The cross point of these two lines are called the chakras.  It is believed that there are seven main chakras in the body that all control the function of various organs, keeping them balanced (see picture). They are as follows: one at the middle of the crown of the head, a second at the forehead associated with the third eye, third at the neck linked to the throat, forth in the middle of the chest linked to the heart, fifth just above the navel associated with the solar plexus, sixth in the sacral chakra and seventh the base chakra (coccyx).


If the flow of energy is not obstructed and all chakras are fully opened the body is fine, however if there is an obstruction the internal organs will not function properly creating a signal that there could be a blockage, chakra therapies work to remove such blockages so the body can function normally.


Some therapists compare the functions of the chakras with the endocrine glands because where the chakras are located tally with important endocrine glands in the body which are:

The crown chakra of the head is located with the pineal gland.

The forehead chakra with the pituitary gland.

The neck/throat chakra with the thyroid and parathyroid glands.

The chest/heart chakra with the thymus gland.

The solar plexus chakra with the insulin production gland in the pancreas and the adrenal gland.

The sacral chakra with the ovary and testis gland.

The base chakra with the bursa gland which controls the immune system of the body.

If the endocrine glands function properly the body is fine, however if more or less hormones are produced the body maybe sick.


Thai therapist may incorporate crystals into their treatments by placing them onto the chakras for 15 minutes, it is believed that the crystals healing powers to fully open the chakras and balance the body.


When using the Hot Stones fro chakra therapy; the stones themselves are perceived to carry healing powers, the heat is also highly effective at relaxing the muscles and encouraging blood flow to the organs, the placement of the stones on the back is also linked to the chakras.


Whether you believe in the healing powers of the crystals and hot stones or not, hot stones massage is deeply relaxing and releases tension that can impede blood and lymphatic flow.  If you do not enjoy a deep tissue massage, why not try out a Hot Stones Massage, as the heat works deep into the muscle 80% quicker than just using standard deep tissue techniques, relaxing them as well as the mind and soul.

Or why not enhance a pedicure or Reflexology treatment with Hot Stones or Thai Massage for that extra bit of luxury.


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