Our Famous Detox Deluxe Experience!

The Detox Deluxe Experience Massage

The festive season is always a time for over indulgence and when the new year hits, we are bombarded with information about the newest diet plans and exercise regimes for people to sign up to in an attempt to lose the holiday weight and start another year healthier, stronger and filled with energy. Many people I know will launch into some extreme plan to punish their bodies into submission and get to their desired weight/fitness in the shortest time possible, but is this really a good idea? More and more people are now realising that maybe brute force is not the best way to get your body to react, there is a much more pleasant and effective way to boost your body’s natural abilities to sort out all the rubbish that has been thrown at it over the past month! Start with drinking a little bit more water, make time for fruit, nuts and seeds and get some fresh air each day…

…and book yourself in for YOU Massage Therapy’s famous Detox Deluxe Experience! The treatment combines a number of techniques to kick start your body’s systems and rid you of the horrible lethargic, bloated and muzzy feeling that accompanies January each year.

Here’s a bit about how The Detox Deluxe Experience can help you and each of its sumptuous elements to tempt you to treat yourself with the most comprehensive treatment around!

Organic Facial

The treatment begins with our beautiful Organic Holistic Facial. We use a bespoke range of products, made for us by The Feel Good Factory, with something different for each skin type. The facial includes a deep cleanse, followed by a scrub, mask, tone and moisturise. We use massage to stimulate the skin around the face, neck and chest, with specially selected facial oils to enhance your natural glow and leave you feeling and looking amazingly fresh!Read a little about these unique facial care products, available on sale, by clicking this link.

Read about the benefits of choosing Organic Skin Care over chemicals by clicking here


Holistic Massage

The next step of the treatment is a Full Body Holistic Massage. Our Holistic Massage combines a variety of techniques, depending on what we feel is needed for the individual, starting at the scalp and working down the neck, shoulders, arms, hands, abdomen,  legs, feet and finishing on the back – every bit of you gets some well deserved attention. We start by using relaxing Swedish massage to warm up the muscles and to get the blood flowing. Gently increasing the pressure, we can follow the pattern of tension using Acupressure to clear any blockages that may have built up, and Deep Tissue where needed to address any adhesions or problem areas which are usually the cause of much pain and discomfort. If you have been feeling particularly heavy and lethargic, it could be due to a blockage in the Lymph system. This is why we include Manual Lymph Drainage in our Detox package, we use a very gentle technique across the surface of the skin to manually drain away any toxins or fluid build up, which helps to reduce swelling and encourage blood flow to the area.

More information on Lymph Drainage Massage from wiki.



When it comes to feet, not everyone thinks it’s necessary to pay them attention, but they are greatly under appreciated considering what we put them through from day to day! This is why we like to spend a little extra time on them, using Reflexology Massage to ease any aches and pains all of that Christmas shopping and partying have caused.However, it’s not just the feet that feel the benefit from this part of the treatment. Reflexology has been used for many years to help balance the mind, body and soul as a whole. It will bring the brains attention to any areas of the body that may be experiencing problems, as well as making you feel unbelievably relaxed.

Reflexology has its own British Association! Read more on the facts of this comprehensive foot massage by clicking the link.



For every part of this experience we use specially blended essential oils to maximise the effectiveness of the treatment. Just discuss how you’ve been feeling with the therapist and we can find the perfect blend to soothe, relax, balance, invigorate, energise, restore or uplift you – whatever YOU need! For 2 indulgent hours, you will be treated to the perfect selection of tailored Holistic therapies to balance you out thoroughly and give you a fresh, clean slate to continue the New Year!

Read a little about how Aromatherapy works by clicking here.

And why not peruse our in house blends to give you a scent of the treatment before you visit! Available to take home with you, freshly blended essential oils.


Special Offer!

Our Detox Deluxe Experience package is on offer each and every January, to see our latest Massage Special Offers click here, or you can always call to speak to one of our friendly team on 02380 639 747, Mon – Fri 9am – 9.30pm, Sat 10am – 7.30pm and sun 10.30am – 5.00pm! Save 10% any day of the week if you bring a friend or partner with you!

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