Life with muscular pain

Pain effects everyone at some time.

A lot of people suffer with muscular pain at some point in their life, whether it’s an acute injury that came on very quickly or a niggling ache that has been apparent for years that has never quite gone away.

In this blog we talk about pain, different types of injury and where it stems from and how we can help.

As therapists we try and help people to become more self aware about their bodies, we try to let people know that the pains that they are feeling are not a natural part of life and not something that they have to get used to. Rather that there are treatments to ease tension and correct posture and most importantly reduce discomfort and pain to help them feel better and realise that they can still do certain things that they thought were no longer possible.

An acute injury to a muscle or group of muscles in the back may occur due to a tear in the muscle from a quick movement such as a quick turn of the neck or a twist at the hips. Usually one would feel a pulling sensation that may feel quite sharp and uncomfortable and later localised swelling or redness to the area as well as muscular tension in the area. As the degree of muscular tear differs it can heal very quickly and not cause much pain or restriction but if someone may have torn a muscle quite severely then the pain would be less bearable and they may find that some movements are restricted. If someone, for example, tore a muscle in their neck they may feel some pain on movement of the neck but if more severely torn then some movement at the neck may be restricted such as rotating the head as well as discomfort.

An injury like this can arise from many situations; a person could be at work sat down for a long period then go to lift up a heavy object and as the muscles haven’t been warmed up and prepared for heavy lifting, the muscle may be overstretched and damaged. In the same way whilst being active a person may tear a muscle from a jerking movement. We see it time and time again whilst watching a football match where a players’ foot gives way beneath them or they slip and their leg is extended further than usual abruptly, causing pain to the muscles in the groin or around the knee.

More chronic pain that has been apparent over a long period can sometimes be worse than having an acute injury as the tension and discomfort may have built up over a matter of years which can take a lot longer to treat. An example of this is an office worker with poor posture that has sat in the same position for years everyday when they go to work, because of the incorrect way they are positioned some muscles will be under a lot of strain and other muscles will be under constant contraction. This can be quite subtle and will only cause mild discomfort such as a mild ache but left for a long period that tension will build and build and over time the muscles will be used to being in the wrong position and this is where joints will start to be pulled out of position. This can affect almost everything in your life even the simplest of movements will have become more difficult such as reaching for your toes or lifting your arms above your head.

Whatever treatment you book at YOU Massage Therapy, we will always tailor it around your needs to treat both pain and mental stress, taking into account all previous conditions and problems. Read about our thorough massage consultation process and browse our selection of massage treatments or give us a call on 02380 639 747 and we can chat about what’s best for you!

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