New Parent Massage – Why It’s A Good Idea!

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we thought it might be a good idea to let you know how massage can be useful to new parents (and parents in general!).



Parenting is hard work.  You spend your days tripping over toys and washing your babies bodily fluids from your clothing and carpet; then your nights are spent

pacing hallways and apologising to neighbours while you learn about gastric reflex and try every “how to get your baby to sleep” suggestion on google!  It is the most amazing and wonderful experience, and it does work out in the end (just keep thinking to yourself – when they’re teenagers, you’ll be able to wake them!), but for the days and nights when you’re exhausted, it’s time to look after you.


Looking after yourself often takes a backseat to looking after your child.  Particularly while they are young and helpless, it is important and usually instinctive that you put them first.  That said, without sleep, food, or care for you, you will slowly run out of energy and capability.  It is important to make sure that you are taken care of too! A parenting guide can help you, however…This is where massage can help.


We can relax your fight or flight nervous system and allow your parasympathetic nervous system to take control.  This means that your pupils will contract, your hearing will soften, your adrenaline will reduce, and your body will focus instead on digestion, breathing, tissue repair, and rest.  And even if this system change only lasts until you get home to a pile of nappies taller than yourself, the time that your body has taken to rejuvenate will pay off (though don’t worry, it usually lasts longer than that!).


On a more remedial note, we can help out with the muscular tension as well. All that leaning over change tables, and carrying 15 pounds in front of your chest for 4hrs a night and all day can do terrible things to your shoulders and back, and it isn’t always convenient to strap yourself into an ergonomic baby carrier at 3am!  Our signature Holistic Back Massage can do a lot to put your muscles back where they once were and relax the muscles that just won’t let go.  We do offer Sports Massage, Remedial Massage, and Deep Tissue Massage as well if you prefer them, and our therapists are all able to combine techniques in order to give you the best possible treatment for your specific ailments.


And don’t forget your feet!  The additional hours spent pacing and the additional weight of your baby will definitely take it’s toll on your soles and ankles.  Whether you’d prefer a Reflexology Treatment to work your nerve endings and rebalance you, or a foot and calf massage to focus on tension and discomfort, looking after your feet will make a massive difference to how you feel.


So what about time?  You don’t have any, and we’re asking you to spend some with us!  Well, this is, in part, the moment for the people in your life to step forward – give the grandparents, godparents, or neighbours a chance to earn their titles and take advantage of their offers to babysit (who knows, they might even hang out a load of washing if you ask nicely!).  If you are absolutely stuck for a babysitter or want to bring your baby along, we can try

to accommodate this.  So long as you are able to come at a time when there are no other bookings (usually early morning appointments), just in case your baby is unhappy with our taste in music, we are happy to have babies on the premises (and we can try to organise this for a time that your baby would usually sleep if possible!).  That said, please be aware that if the appointment has to be cancelled mid-massage due to your baby demanding your attention, it is important that the therapists time is paid for, and a cancellation fee of £15 will need to be taken.


In the mean time, don’t worry – you will survive this transition period (and be stronger for it!).  Remember to look after yourself and give yourself a moment of time out each day, and we hope that a full-night’s sleep is not too far in your future.  One of our favourite websites for parenting support is;  where you can find blogs, chats and expert advice.


During March 2013, we are offering a little extra support for those who spend their time taking care of others.  We have:

–           £10 discount on pregnancy massage vouchers (from 12 weeks; to keep you in the best shape possible when preparing for the adventures ahead!);

–          £10 discount on new mum’s massage vouchers ( to soothe as your body changes back to what it was!);

–          The option of EITHER 10% discount OR the choice of the addition of a Mini Holistic Facial or Foot Massage (style of your choice) each with every couples booking (with this, we will also give you a free sample of one of our organic creams to take home with you).

All discounts apply to appointments of a minimum of 1hr per person per treatment.

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