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The Full Works You Massage Therapy is a luxury treatment aimed at aiding relaxation and will have a calming effect on anyone lucky enough to enjoy one. This treatment will last for an hour and will involve a mini holistic facial and scalp massage, an aromatherapy back massage and a mini reflexology foot massage.

The therapist will start with the mini holistic facial cleansing, toning and moisturising your skin to leave it feeling fresh, smooth and revitalised. Leading on from this the therapist will start a scalp massage to reduce any tension built up in this area and will in turn increase relaxation and reduce stress.

Following on from this the therapist will work on the feet giving a reflexology foot massage. The touch of the therapist will further you into a state of calmness whilst their thumbs, fingers and palms reduce a build up of tension feetfelt in the feet. The feet are a very important area to massage and are often an area overlooked by most. Massaging the feet can help deter problems arising in the legs, lower back area and even in the neck as the fascia in our feet is connected to the fascia in our neck thus following a pattern of tension across our entire body. The therapist may also be able to find particular areas of tension and stress across the body just from treating the feet, that’s one of the reasons why a reflexology foot massage is so popular.

aromaAn aromatherapy back massage is possibly one of the best ways to unwind and forget about your worries whilst the therapist uses a variety of techniques such as long effleurage strokes with the palms or back of the hand and petrissage using the thumbs and finger tips to reduce adhesions, scar tissue and mobilise the muscles to leave you feeling lighter and more flexible. The therapist can work across the back as a whole but will also be able to work on particular areas you may be concerned about.

Before the massage begins new clients will be taken through a consultation so the therapist can get to know the individual, run through some medical and health questions and talk about any particular areas of tension. The client is more than welcome to have other areas treated too such as the arms and legs combined with the back making it a full body massage.

Not only is this treatment a great way to be pampered for an hour, but will help reduce headaches and relax the mind, reflexology will promote healing and reduce stress and an aromatherapy back massage will soothe and any aches and pains you may have. The heated essential oils used will be freshly blended and tailored to your liking whether it’s for circulation, mood, and healing or pain relief. All this combined will give you an hour of your lives you will not forget!full works blog


If you are not tempted already we are offering all our clients the opportunity for a Full Works Massage this October!!! Why not make the most of this treatment and SAVE £10!!! Only £37.50 for 60 minutes, or SAVE £15 if two or more of you come on the SAME DAY! £32.50 each for 60 minutes. Do not forget if you have not seen us before you will need a consultation at a reduced price of £6 (normally £7.60), call us now to book your appointment, 02380639747 or email


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