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At this time of year, we start to think of warmer weather and possibly trips abroad to even sunnier climes, and time spent on a sandy beach.   But do you look forward to revealing more flesh at this time, or does the thought make you feel depressed?

Weight loss is quite a solitary journey, plus the advice is ever more confusing and conflicting.   And weight loss programmes rarely address the emotional aspect.  So were to start?   Did you know that acupuncture can help?

The Acupuncture we offer from our Southampton studio is unique. So much so that you may even forget that you are visiting us for needle therapy! It is so much more than that. Our kind and dedicated Acupuncturist, Sharon, takes the time to get to know you and your lifestyle. Sharon offers a great deal of advice and the plan you create together is all part of your Acupuncture therapy.

As well as helping you understand and overcome the mental stigmas involved with weight gain,  Acupuncture helps you physically by unblocking the pathways required for fluids and essential process to flow through. Without a balanced body, you are likely holding on to extra fat cells, fluid and toxins which all in turn create extra weight in the form of fat, water and cellulite.

You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel and look after a course of Body Confidence Acupuncture Therapy!

Ans what’s more, we are offering it on a special offer for you! Quote this article during spring and summer 2015 and we will discount your course of treatment by a further 10%!

Everyone can already benefit from a discount when booking a course of Acupuncture with YOU Massage.


Acupuncture can help with your Weight Loss plan by:


  • Improving digestion
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Reduction in pain that may be restricting you exercise levels
  • Balance the emotions and identifying the reason(s) we over-eat
  • Addressing cravings/food addictions
  • Diet and lifestyle advice relevant to you.


Here at You Massage we have put together a 5 weekly session treatment plan which will be tailored to suit you.


  • First treatment will be 1.5 hours long and will cover all aspects of your current diet and lifestyle.  A treatment to clear and aid digestion will be given.
  • 2nd treatment (and subsequent ones will be 45 minutes long) and will consist of treatment tailored to you, and to bring your emotions in balance.
  • 3rd treatment will be focused on weight loss.
  • 4th treatment will be focused on cravings and addictions.
  • Treatments 2, 3 and 4 will also discuss any problems you may be having in sticking to your new eating regime, and practical advice given.
  • 5th treatment will be a holistic massage, which will leave you feeling wonderful!


This is not a quick fix, you will still need to watch what you eat, and your weight loss rate will be the same.   The treatment will though help motivate you to stay on track, and to feel better about yourself.  Health and beauty go together!


Further, if you find that after 3 or 4 months your resolve starts to slip or whenever you feel ‘old’ patterns of behaviour trying to re-establish themselves, then just another couple of acupuncture treatments based on the above can put you back on track.  Support therefore can be continuous, and as much or as little as you need.

This article entitles you, the reader to a very special price of £162 for 5 Weight loss focussed sessions! Saving you a massive £60.50 in total (plus, a few pounds off the hips of course!)

Book now on 02380 639747 quoting Body confidence offer!

Do so now and you’ll be feeling and seeing the benefits in time for bikini season!



By Amy

Amy is the Owner and Director of YOU Massage Therapy. She has been in the business for over 10 years and has a wide range of specialties, including: Holistic Massage, Remedial Massage, Aromatherapy and Reflexology.

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