Massage as the winter months approach us

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As winter approaches it’s almost like our bodies know that the cold is going to make us less mobile and alert. Our bodies become less agile, due to the cold weather, as our muscles contract and joints start to stiffen. We become more tired and can start to feel low in mood due to the decrease in natural sunlight.

Having massage during the winter months is almost more beneficial to us than it is in the summer. Massage can improve the flow and drainage of the Lymphatic system and increases the activity level of our natural ‘killer cells’ which in turn, improves the function of our immune system. We will all struggle with viruses and bugs more over the winter months so, by having a regular massage it can decrease your chances of getting ill. The lymph system is boosted and kept flowing properly to remove waste from the tissues and promote production of bug fighting cells. This can allow the body to fight off illness more effectively, keeping you well and healthy and decreasing the number of sick days you have in the long run.

Our skin will also become dehydrated in winter as we tend to take less care of it, the heating is on (which removes moisture in the air) and we are constantly being exposed to more extremes of temperatures (cold when we step outside, dry heat when we enter a building). Our skin can feel dry and itchy, and if you are prone to skin conditions such as Psoriasis or eczema, then you will find this is worse in the winter.  However, by having a massage (especially with Aromatherapy tailored for dry skin/skin conditions) or a facial your skin is covered in nourishing oil throughout the treatment which gets absorbed by the skin and will leave you feeling rejuvenated and restored.

During winter, circulation can worsen and makes joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments feel uncomfortable and stiff where blood doesn’t flow easily and optimally through these areas.  Massage helps boost something called ‘microcirculation’ which means the blood flow is increased in certain areas, such as in the areas that had become uncomfortable. With relaxing massage it can also activate the parasympathetic nervous system which can help to naturally reduce high blood pressure and slow heart rate.

hot stones massage southamptonMany people love that feel good sensation after a massage (thanks to those lovely endorphins getting released) which is another great reason to get a massage in winter. Many people are affected by the lack of sunlight in these darker months so can feel fatigued, blue or depressed. A massage may be all the boost you need to motivate you to get those daily tasks done or even get to work! Let’s face it, getting up in the morning can require a lot of effort when it’s gloomy and cold. So why not give your body and mind the well deserved service it needs with a relaxing, nourishing and mood elevating massage? Join us at our studio where it is cosy and warm with dim lighting to help you nod off and truly relax!

We think everyone can do with a massage so, if it isn’t you struggling with the winter blues, why not encourage a friend or family member to come along by buying them a gift voucher. They can try any treatment they fancy with our gift vouchers! The fantastically comforting hot stone massage is ideal in the winter months. The heat from the stones allows the muscles to soften so the therapist can work deeper into those achy and tired areas while at the same time being deeply relaxing.

We have a number of different therapists able to provide whatever massage you would like so don’t be afraid! You are in the best of hands at YOU MASSAGE in Southampton Bedford Place.

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