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janeHi, my name is Jane, I just wanted to introduce myself, I am the newest member of the team, here at You massage therapy.  I hope see some of you, as I settle in.  I bring a number of the skills to the team, I’m a registered osteopath, a sport and remedial massage therapist, a sports injury therapist and I have an extensive background in the health and fitness industry.

I just wanted to give you some information about myself and some of the treatments options that I have to offer;


Osteopathy is a system of assessing, diagnosing, treating and preventing a wide range of health problems.  We believe how your body moves influences how it functions, through a wide variety of   manual therapy techniques.  Korr (1978) described manual therapy as the “Application of an accurately determined and specifically directed manual force to the body, to improve mobility in areas; in joints, in connective tissue or in skeletal muscles”.

Although osteopaths are well known for treating all manner of back pain, osteopaths are highly competent healthcare professionals and can treat all areas of the body , through a variety of techniques that may or may not include joint manipulations,  joint articulations, ( aimed at improving range of motion, by repeatedly changing the restriction of barrier, reducing joint stiffness, contractures and pain), muscle energy techniques, (using gentle muscle contractions to relax and lengthen musculature around a joint to improve function), traction techniques (to gently stretch joint surfaces, muscles and connective tissue), as well as using a variety of soft tissue or massage techniques.

Sports & remedial massage

Sports massage is a hands on therapy, that targets the soft tissues of the body, that aims to reduce muscular tension, invigorates muscles that are not working efficiently, loosens adhesions, stretches tight muscles, improves circulation, calms nerve endings to restore balance to the musculoskeletal system.  Although it is highly beneficial for all types of athletes participation in their chosen sport, whether they compete or not, it is highly beneficial for everybody to prevent aches and pains, in their daily lives, as well as preventing and treating injuries, that may occur when the body’s tissues are overused and become stressed.

Remedial hot stone massage

Hot stone massages are a great warming treatment, especially in this cold weather, it involves the use of smooth warm stones, in the palms of the therapists hands to perform massage techniques.  The heat from the stones warms and relaxes the muscles, allowing the therapist to provide a deep pressure. The stones themselves feel lovely, especially if you’re the type of person who is always chilly, or who really needs a deep tissue massage, but prefer lighter pressure during your massage.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage, generally performed as a whole body massage, but can equally effective on specific areas, is a relaxing, well being massage. The massage is designed to make you feel relaxed; and forget the daily stresses of your everyday life, it is the massage that most people initially think of, when they are looking to treat themselves.

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