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Pregnancy Yoga Classes in Southampton

Tuesdays at 7:30pm at YOU Massage, Bedford Place, Southampton

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Written for YOU Massage, by Kirsty Hawthorn,

Midwife, yoga teacher and holistic therapist.

Pregnancy is a time of deep change for women. As we undergo a transition to motherhood physically, mPregnancy-Yoga-Classes-Southamptonentally, emotionally and spiritually this change has many faces. Looking after your body and listening to the changes will encourage you to slow down and address old habits. Yoga  is a method, a technique which deepens this experience and connects you to your body’s innate wisdom. It’s a way of listening.


How does Yoga help Pregnant Women?


The asanas (postures) in yoga for pregnancy  works specifically on the core muscles of the pelvic floor preparing for birth and delivery, relieving every day aches and pains which are characteristic of pregnancy; presenting as backaches, carpul tunnel syndrome, sciatica and pelvic girdle pain. Yoga during pregnancy, whether you have practiced yoga before or not is a wonderful, practical exercise you can do which stretches your whole body bringing space to you and your baby. You do not need to be a yogi to enjoy the benefits it brings.

Optimal Birth positioning:

Birth needs to be an active time in a woman’s life. As a midwife, from 30 weeks onwards I discuss the importance of optimal positioning of baby for the delivery. To actively engage in your pregnancy is part of what we call ‘active birthing’, this is where the midwife and the woman take conscious participation in the pregnancy journey, preparing mentally and physically for labour. For delivery to be smooth the foetus needs to be in a position which midwives call LOA or OA. In this position there is less back pain and encourages a relatively quick duration to delivery (first time mums tend take longer..).  Having baby in a good position helps labour to be less painful for women and therefore easier to manage.  In yoga classes the sequences are designed to get your baby into these positions and techniques are provided for home use.


Pranayama (breathwork) leads us into the breath. Into the wonderful space which is so beneficial to access for preparation for labour and into the postpartum period. Pranayama teaches us the essential skills to deal with anxieties and tensions that come with life and that with a new baby. Pranayama teaches us how to let go, how to surrender and how to roar when we need to. We access paranayama within the sequences and classes and our deep yoga nidra relaxations will sink you into a space where you are able to access deep healing from and bring wonderful rejuvenation to you and your baby.

Social for Mums to be:

Meet women at a similar stage as yourself- this cannot be underestimated. Like minded women looking after themselves and their body in preparation for motherhood. It’s a journey that women forever in history have undertaken together. Come and join us.

NOTE: For higher risk pregnancies and obstetric led care please contact Kirsty Hawthorn (Midwife and Yoga teacher) directly to discuss possible adaptations.

Contact Kirsty today  on kirstyahawthorn@googlemail.com

Pregnancy Massage Therapist Southampton
Kirsty is our Pregnancy Specialist at YOU Massage

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