Waxing vs Shaving benefits

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Waxing removes  the hair from the follicle (root), which will result in finer, sparser hair growth if done regularly.

It will take around 3 – 6 weeks for hair to grow back, though for some people, this can vary due to the different stages of growth.

Non-strip/peelable wax (as opposed to strip wax- some call it hot wax –  is used on sensitive areas, as this wax encapsulates the hair, and does not adhere to the skin, thus making it a good option for these areas.

Benefits of waxing vs shaving:

Waxing is beneficial because it removes larger sections of hair at once, with long lasting results. The hair will grow back more slowly than it does with shaving.  Because shaving only removes the tips of the hair, and not the root, the hair will appear blunt, and coarse in texture.  The hair will also grow back faster, meaning that you will have to shave every other day, and in some cases, every day, which is very inconvenient for many people.

Apart from the time consuming aspect of shaving, it can be very painful if, the skin is cut or grazed.  Ingrown hairs are a common problem which can be both painful and unsightly.  An ingrown hair is when the hair grows back on itself, and re- enters the skin. The follicle can then become blocked with dead skin cells, and sebum, resulting in the appearance of black heads, or pimples. When bacteria gets trapped, pus forms, which can then lead to inflammation. This results in a painful bump in the skin.

If the hair is dark, red, and coarse, it can be more prone to ingrown hairs.

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