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laser hair removal bikini southampton

Bikini Line Laser or Wax

laser hair removal bikini southampton

As written by Hair Removal Expert, Julia, of Julia’s Beauty Hub (follow us on facebook >)

A Bikini Line laser or wax is the removal of hair from the sides and top of the knicker line.

We offer both temporary (Botanical Waxing) and permanent bikini laser hair removal in Southampton.

Our Sparkly Mulberry Botanical non-strip Wax is very gentle on the skin, it shrink wraps around the hair, and does not stick to the skin.

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A standard bikini line hair removal is where those unwanted hairs that show outside of the pantline are removed.  If  it is your first time having a wax or laser treatment of the bikini area, it is quite normal to feel a little embarrassed or worry you have too much hair etc, but please remember, our hair removal Specialist is an expert, and knows how to make you feel comfortable and at ease.   She has also seen it all before, over the years, so rest assured, your bikini waxing experience will be superb, and you may even feel rather relaxed!

Once our hair removal Specialist has talked through your requirements, she will then ask you to position one leg to the side – bent at the knee. Please let her know at any time if it’s not comfortable as she can alternate both sides if needed.  Once the bikini area is exposed, she will tuck a tissue into the edge of your pants to protect them from the wax or gel.  A gentle cleanser will be applied before  and after the treatment to cleanse and sanitise the skin.

The Therapist will wear gloves to perform the treatment,

During a Bikini wax, the non-strip peelable wax is applied to the area, then removed quickly (without the use of strips), this minimises discomfort and maximises the hair removal, leaving you fuzz free.

During a Bikini Laser Hair Removal session, a special gel is applied and the cool tip of our laser machine is efficiently applied over the area, sending little impulses down the hair follicle, this is practically pain free and very quick. The hair will usually fall out, permanently, within a few weeks!

There will never be any double dipping – meaning a new spatula is used every time!

A standard bikini line removal does not require the removal of your pants, as our Therapist is very adept at working around the pantline, for your modesty (please wear comfy pants, and not your best lacy ones)

At the end of the treatment, an intensely soothing balm –full of natural botanicals, will be applied to the treatment area:  the therapist will give you a sachet of the balm to take away on your first visit.

Other Bikini Styles available are:

High Bikini – removing hair a bit further in from the pantline, giving you the confidence to wear an itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini

Brazilian Bikini – leaving a strip or triangle over the pubic area, removing hair from underneath and the back also

Hollywood Bikini – removing all hair from the entire pubic area front to back

 If you would like to know more about our expert Bikini Laser Hair Removal and Bikini Waxing, we welcome all your inquires, call us today on 02380 639747 or you are welcome to Book Online

follow this link to book Laser Bikini or Bikini Wax online >

Please note – it is standard with Laser Bikini, Brazilian and Hollywood Waxing, to need a consultation and a little longer for the first session, so please be sure to book in the correct time, call us if you are not sure!

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