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Introducing Holistic-Thai-Sports Therapist: Chris

By admin Jun 13, 2019

Greetings to all!

Excited to establish myself as the newest therapist operating out of: You Massage Southampton.

Please allow me to share a little of my journey thus far:

Having been told in teens that I had a natural gift, I began my studies and later qualified as a Holistic Therapist in 2004. From a very young age, I had always been drawn to Asian culture, so knew instantly that I was destined to further my knowledge and training with traditional Asian massage techniques.  I roamed South East Asia and eventually settled in Northern Thailand to study Traditional Thai Massage at the prestigious TMC School. I was blessed enough to train in ancient Thai techniques perfected by the late Mama Lek Chaiya and her legendary Nervetouch system. From there I was one of the lucky few that studied Meridians and Acupuncture at Mungkala Chinese Medicine Centre, and became the embodiment of healthy-vegan living, staying in a bamboo hut within a remote Buddhist temple built beside a jungle waterfall and dabbling in Shamanic rituals.

I made Thailand my home, and spent the past 15 years living and working there, regularly performing extensive bodywork on athletes; Muay Thai Kickboxers, Bodybuilders, MMA fighters and of course gym goers, of all body types, young and old.

I have now returned to reconnect with the UK, looking to write the next chapter of my journey, after what feels like a lifetime of being away. I am currently completing new studies as a Personal Trainer.

I am newly offering massage services at ‘You Massage Southampton’ trading as ‘Meridian Massage’ (A Fate in Motion company) and as I settle in, will be expanding my tailored repertoire. *

*Suitable for all weary bodies and lost souls

Book my introductory offer: Free consultation plus one hour tailored massage for £46 !

By admin

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