Theta Healing with Jane Easlick – Advanced Practitioner and Instructor

Treatment Time 1 hour + 30 minutes Initial consultation for first treatment and if a break in between treatments for all subsequent treatments a 15 minute consultation will be needed

£70 per session, free consultation available >

Have you ever wondered whether your beliefs may be preventing you from living the life you want? Where did you get your belief system from and what is it? That is a fascinating question and Theta Healing can help establish that and find the true YOU. There is a tendency for us all to blame our problems on other people or situations that have affected us. It is fact that negative thoughts control our reality and take away the ability for us to live our life by what we truly believe.

Most people do not yet realise that their emotions and beliefs have a direct impact on the physical state of their body. It is not just what we eat and drink or the environment around us that affects our physical well-being, but also what we think and say to ourselves and others on a daily basis. This is all stored in our subconscious. Most of the negative aspects of these actions, thoughts, and beliefs live on in our cellular memory and it is this that leads to the Dis-ease of our bodies that can manifest into physical illnesses.

Theta Healing facilitates improvements in your belief systems and physical body. As a result of the Theta Healing, harmony and balance is restored, resulting in a feeling of peace, well-being and joy for you. It is a self-development and energy healing modality for all.

When we change what we believe, we change how we feel, which leads to us making different choices and taking new actions. It allows us to erase the root causes of trauma in our lives and helps us to take back control of our own lives for a better future. Theta Healing works by accessing the subconscious mind in order to change limiting beliefs and feelings into empowering ones. It is a meditation technique learnt by the practitioner that allows access to your subconscious.

Experienced practitioners are trained to identify the limiting beliefs, feeling and fears that are held in your subconscious mind by scanning your body, talking and performing muscle testing, a form of applied kinesiology. These restrictive thoughts, fears and feelings are then reprogrammed with empowering supportive beliefs, and feelings at DNA level on the theta brain wave. When your beliefs change, your thoughts and feelings and actions change for a brighter future.

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